NLU June Mailbag


Going to pose the question on twitter but will give precedence to the good stuff from the Refuge. Fire away with questions/topics. :mailbox_with_mail:


I’ll start…

Given the chance, what tournaments from the PGA season would you gladly drop?

Similarly, if they put together a World Tour, what Euro events would you guys include?


When you look back at NLU even three years ago, to where it is today, what surprises you most that you’ve been able to accomplish?


Who is Kelley James (@kelleyjamesmusic on insta) and how/why is he so involved with pro golf and seems to be at every pro’s charity event?

I’ll admit I’m not as in-tune to the music world as I once was, but I haven’t heard of his music and based on Wikipedia/Spotify he hasn’t released any music in 5 years. But every time he pops up on my discover page on Instagram he’s flying in a private jet to some amazing golf location.


Which pros have been the most pleasant surprises that you all have encountered? Could mean even nicer guys than their reputation indicates, or guys who have personalities that do not match their perception whatsoever.


This one could be an entire thread. Anyone know if it has it already been discussed somewhere? I’m sure plenty of good discussion can come from this that can’t be addressed in a quick podcast Q&A.


I’d love to see/hear a WITB for all of the NLU guys. Some of us gearheads love that stuff.


Not sure if this is well suited for the mailbag, a podcast or thread, but I’ve been curious lately about the high profile amateur events that get mentioned when someone like Doc Redman chooses to go pro. The Walker Cup, US Amateur, US Open qualifying, US Mid-Am and Masters exemptions are pretty well documented by traditional media. I keep hearing people mention the Crump Cup (Pine Valley), Crane Cup (Floridian) and Coleman Invitational (Seminole) and I don’t really know much about them. Seems like Mid-Am illuminati get to play in them… shout out Jeff Knox & Stewart Hagestead. It would be interesting for someone to shine a light on that corner of the golfing universe.


Just listen to any of their ad reads on the podcast. All Callaway, All Day


Since you guys have made this a full time job, is there anything you find you can’t say or do that you would have when you were just doing it on the side? I can imagine sometimes wanting to shout out a hot take but then realizing that you’re legit golf media now and as a result have to suppress some juicy ones because of possible consequences.


I also find the “elite amateur” circuit to be very interesting. I have become pretty tight with a guy who was a super legit college/SEC golfer and he plays in all those tournies and is somehow apart of that world. I love picking his brain about those tournies and that circuit.


Nah dog I’m talking the full deets. Shafts they play, wedge gapping, etc.


Nah I know. I’m interested in it as well. Just giving you a hard time.


TrapDraw needs to get deep in the weeds on the MidAm national circuit, i also find it fascinating. Todd Mitchell was a great guest on it way back in the day

TeeK Kelly just mentioned it, but pick a track as an all time NCAA host… suitable for both men and women


All good man. I just know Soly & Tron are pretty good players, so be interesting to see what Cally is putting these guys in.


This one is for @Tron specifically. I’m going to caddie in a professional tournament in the next couple weeks, and want to know what I can do to avoid getting a two stroke penalty assessed on my player. In all seriousness, what’s it like caddying for someone in a tournament, and how did ZB’s approach change compared to your casual rounds with him.


I’ll opt out and just say please answer this one…


Of all the private courses you have visited… which ones would you most like to be a member? You can give me a few and why.
Caveat: I’m looking for more of neighborhood type clubs that have a regular membership that live nearby and know one another. This club will be your only membership so you are gonna wanna live close and use it a ton. So this is assuming you are NOT a billionaire with a private jet and a member of 10 clubs. So you may not want to join Pine Valley b/c its in the middle of southern NJ and every round would be you bringing 3 guest, same with Sand Hills… or may not want to join Fischer’s Island b/c its only open 4 months a year and out in the ocean and tough to access. You get the point.


I am a college kid and my parents told me they’d take me anywhere in the states on a spring break trip next year. I’ve never been golfing in the south. Are there any places, preferably by the ocean, that you’d recommend?


Do you think it would ever be possible to establish a 5th Major in the form of an “Australian Open”? Would have to be in the December/January time frame and may have to pay substantial appearance fees/purse to get the top guys to make the trip. Thoughts?