NLU Inside Jokes/Glossary of Terms


Reminds me of this:

Have a friend who was a nationally ranked Halo player for 1 & 2. When 3 came out on the 360 he would play so much that he would just burn through consoles. Had 4 or 5 bad boxes just stacked next to the TV, like carcasses. I never heard of anything like that.

When we played in college he claimed to have not played Halo for 2 years after he got burnt out / parents shut down the addiction, and just got thrown into a huge game of slayer and just started torching people. Battle Rifle headshots, huge grenade throws. He was a purist, didn’t believe you needed the juiced guns / sticky grenades / vehicles to win. I never saw skill in a video game that like…but spotting 6 touchdowns in NCAA then winning with Colby College would be amazing to watch.


Shit, that’s impressive!

I never burned through a console but back when it was huge and everyone was playing it, I was big into driving games and was ruthless at Gran Turismo and the WRC rally games. I never found anyone who could beat me - people would claim to be good at it and I’d maul them by 30 seconds over three laps. Iused to love getting into battles once GT went online. Still got a huge garage of cars but probably haven’t picked it up for a good year or so.


I too used to be a GT god. I now have Atari Thumb and haven’t played in years but my garage is still on there somewhere. Lots of tricked out GTRs. And every car in my garage was a shade of blue.

And I so could have had you.


I don’t know what it is but the UK breeds video game racing gods.


Old school gamer. Donkey Kong, Galaga, Track and Field here


I’ve followed for awhile, but forgive me if this has been mentioned anywhere, how did this even happen? I think I’ve gathered that y’all were either in college together or were around each other at about that time, but I think there are a few degrees of separation between some of you. It’s fascinating that it’s kind of come together like it has and I think it’s the reason that NLU is as genuine as it is. Did it for the love of the game.


Outside of NLU, I’ve always heard it used a ton from Matthew Berry and fantasy football podcasts. Just someone who had a ton of hype, didn’t deliver and by virtue of not delivering is under valued in drafts the following year. It’s usually thrown on someone like Kevin White of the Bears who is drafted early in the NFL draft and does nothing as a rookie and makes him undervalued the following year in drafts. Kevin White sucks though and I could be 100% wrong here.


Is Bag-tag Berry a real person?


Every bit as real as Negative Nancy and the Hungry Hippo.


Thanks Debbie Downer.


I love the use Berry spelling! Shout out @BerryHenson


Based on S2E1 of STRAPPED - is there a specific origin to the Trey Anastasi / Phish gag or is that just general @TheMerchCzar goofiness?


Yea, I really don’t know!?!?!!


I saw Greller scare all the adults away who were trying to get Jordan’s autograph just to make sure the kids were the only ones getting one. Would say stuff like “you’re a grown man you’re just going to sell it”. It was awesome.


Did tron actually name his son after the junkman?


That somethin’ you’d be interested in?


Also, did LPCP start with kuchar??


Also does LPCP now stand for “Lacks Pop, Cheap Pay?”


I named my son after Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride.


“Not today please. Thank you” from the Dornoch episode