NLU Inside Jokes/Glossary of Terms


I do want to give a shout out to the “stolen valor” that is thanking a civilian for their service. I am hoping there is a backstory because I have started doing this as well…


Cheers, crack on…If only those that taught you those phrases made it clear in what context to properly use them.



laughed so hard at cart girl…almost caused a three car accident at 65MPH


Can you please also explain the backstory of Rory’s “McRib” nickname?


Rory had a rib stress fracture in 2016 (I think) which necessitated a long lay off. The mix of his surname and the injury = new nickname. I think it may have even been Robert Lusetich (Aussie born LA based Journo) who first coined it. Apologies to any NLU members who might have invented it, if I am mis-remembering this…


Not enough credit to the McDonald’s delicacy, imo. Shame!


Is the rampant use of the “mega-” prefix an inside joke or is that just what the kids are saying these days?

Also, “take the top off the defense.” Is this another one from @TheMerchCzar’s old football coach? What does it actually mean, if anything at all?

I’ll hang up and listen.


I dont know where the NLU boys heard it but “crack on” is a British Military thing. Ie, you’ve got your orders (clean those toilets/retake the Falklands) now get on with it.

“Crack on.”


I’m pretty sure that is an actual position within the Hospitality (Hotel) business


goes back to like WWI, IIRC


I thought Tron used to work for Ritz Carlton. And, yes, revenue management/generation is a HUGE business for hotels/resorts. There is an entire software category devoted to optimizing rates for hotels based on expected demand, length of stay, etc. Think of it as surge pricing for Uber or dynamic pricing for tickets at sporting events.


Ritz-Carlton is part of the Marriott company. So you’re both right. :slight_smile:


Who was the very first “forgotten man” and who coined the phrase?


take the top off the defense is a football term for the ability of receivers to run go/fly routes and open up the rest of the field by dragging their dbs/safeties deep with them aka the randy moss special


would love to get an in depth explanation from @TheMerchCzar about what it takes to become a true schwaldo


Yeah…This guy has more kids than dollars so I have never stayed at the Ritz.


So far, I’m much less interested in the actual answers to many of the questions about the NLU inside jokes, and much more interested in the Refugees who attempt to explain the joke for the rest of the class.

The Venn Diagram between “people who explain internet jokes” and “people who give you swing tips five holes after getting paired up with you” might be a circle.


I stayed at the RC in Doha, Qatar once. I bought a round in the bar which consisted of a beer, a whiskey and a water and it cost me $85.

That’ll be your revenue manager right there.


Trust fund Tron is a name given to Tron, implying that he grew up dripping in wealth.


I mean, just trying to help. [answering the questions, not your golf game]