NLU Inside Jokes/Glossary of Terms



We’re going to do a podcast on any and all of our inside jokes. How they came about, why they exist, etc. I’ve seen the thread on the NLU Glossary of Terms, but wanted to open a thread for anyone to submit anything that they’re dying to know about, ranging from Uncle Juice, Gifted Hands, Randy’s name, and anything else you’re curious about.

The floor is yours.


who the heck is panther mike


part time DJ and international man of intrigue


You mentioned Big Randy, but how did Tron’s name come about? (i am sure I have heard, but can’t remember)


@Soly I can’t think of any off the top of my head, but glad this pod is happening, great idea.
I have turned a few family members on to the NLU #content, and one of the comments that I heard back was something like “It seems like there are a lot of inside terms and jokes that would make more sense if I was a longtime listener”
This should help ‘If you’re just joining us’.


Yea definitely curious where Randy and Tron’s names came from as well.


Some non-watchers of Chappelle’s Show telling on themselves in this thread




I have more of a general question. Is Randy and Tron’s use of “SICK!” based off of prior experience of something? Or do they really just use “sick” that much? It’s translated into my life, and my coworkers are starting to get really tired of me using “sick” as a response to things that in all actuality are bad.


What the hell is the nest lol?


Good thing we’re in the nest so you could ask this question.


Reference from the movie “Old School”

Will Ferrell scene where he goes to couple’s therapy


Who is the original NLU Fore Left shadow icon on the apparel please? Also loving you boys developing your UK speak, “quid” “pints” “lads” “crack on” etc v. funny. I’d like an explanation of “the franchise” please, how and who and why? Suspect answer might be in a Trap Draw pod. Keep the Faith chaps, love your work :fist:



Did think so, thanks for the link. :wink::+1:


Job, stop spoiling the podcast.


Tour Sauce explained in depth. One of my favourite bits of NLU content ever.


leave Britney alone! gif


Eldrick Woods


I wonder if anyone thinks Big Randy’s putting woes are a comedy bit/running joke… I’m not sure what he did to piss off the golf gods, but he needs to beg for forgiveness every day.

My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time big guy.