NLU Golf Resort

The Red River runs N/S from Winnipeg Canada to Texas.

Maybe that’s the joke?

this has to be the best mixup of wanting the absolute best golf has to offer, and demanding it be less than 50 bucks is the CHERRY ON TOP!!!


So massively into this idea too! Great golf, wine, beer, food. The US dollar will go a long way…

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  1. I’d want year-round play and within ~90 minutes of a major airport. NC Sandhills seems like a good option, and would be near a few other courses if you’d want to make a longer trip.
  2. Two “championship” courses. One by C&C, one by an unknown. A shorter par 62-68 courses by Rob Collins, and a short course by Doak and the BCN crew. Hanse can build the putting course adjacent to the dining area. I’d like the two “championship” courses to be different. Think Pinehurst #2 minimalism for the C&C course and Tobacco Road style maximalism for the other one.
  3. See above
  4. Mix of sleeping accomadtions. Campground/RV Park, a few cabins, and a modest hotel with fairly basic rooms. The food menu would be relatively limited (do a few things well), but built out by our Refuge Somm. Each course would have a signature “quick lunch” food and cocktail at their clubhouse/halfway house. One would be tacos, one pizza, one burger, one hot dog/sausage and all with a corresponding cocktail (taco+marg would be a the same course). The dinner option would be family style like the Silvies Valley Ranch and centrally located between the campground/hotel/cabins. The menu would change depending on what’s in season, and have a pretty small number of options each night. There’s only one dining area, but would be large enough so there’s a “bar atmosphere” area at one end with TVs and a couple bar games, and a no-TV “conversation only” area.
  1. No carts, but caddies and quality push carts available. Like Jax Beach Muni, local kids can play the short course and par 62-68 course at a steep discount during non-peak times.

Im in for tacos and out on the Detroit pizza and I’m from there. Sits too heavy and is super dense. The pizza needs to be brick oven stuff, light & flavorful. Also big IN on the glamping huts!


Kelowna has a ton of golf, but basically anything south to the border, including around Penticton is devoid of golf, weirdly. This is an oversight that can be corrected. Could probably squeeze a 9 month season in this climate.


Last year I played Puerto Los Cabos Golf Course in Mexico and they had a pretty similar set up. They had a single “taco hut” that multiple holes would come across and they would make your tacos right in front of you. Tacos and tequila were included in your golf fees which was a nice touch. Pretty good track too.


If @sundaybag doesn’t get a shot to design one of the NLU golf resort courses what are we even doing?


Sign me up baby.

I did find this one chunk of land for the Refuge Club…

And @Hala-Mark-Rey running food and beverage of course


How about some architects other than the ones where we can already play a bunch of their courses? We already know what they can and are likely to do.

I would pick someone less obvious like Mike Nuzzo who designed Wolf Point. That course looked and sounded awesome.


it has to be on the west coast with po annua greens & be affordable/not overly woke I don’t care about the rest

“How woke is too woke” should really be a thread.


Use of the word “woke” on the property gets you removed.

If you’re too woke are you even woke at all?


Proper “w*keness” is never having to use that word.

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I can’t think of “w*ke” without seeing these damn air maxes in my head

Edit - We should send all of these in a rocket hurling towards the sun, Agents of Shield style

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Then we better not see any bespoke trestle sticks in the pro-shop or on the first tee.

I’m calling out overt wokeness when I see it. You cannot stifle my voice.

I say guests can be as w*ke as they want, just don’t explicitly call attention to it.