NLU conspiracy

So thru this quarantine, Ive been watching many hours of tourist sauce and believe I have stumbled on a conspiracy…

I have to believe the guys are pumping in impact sounds. I cant fathom Tron and DJ having the same impact sounds as Tiger and Rory.

Is this quarantine making me crazy or have I broken the code??


They are just following the PGA Tour’s example.


I dunno man…have you ever taken a video of you hitting driver down the line? Unless really miss one they all kind of sound the same.


Ya, I can set my phone up and take video and get very similar sounds, especially if the tee box is nestled near some trees.

And then I play it over and over again. Haha!

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it’s called a microphone also they probably only post the good sounds

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Man, I wish we were that competent over that many different videos.


Nah. Go find a tee box that has a few trees around it, forming a bit of a canopy. Grab your phone, hit record, and stripe a drive.

Play it back when you get home on nice headphones or decent computer speakers. You’ll be surprised how it sounds.

Thanks for the answer, Tron. My conspiracy has been debunked lol.

How did freddies driver sound? If same, the fix is in.
@Tron. scummy, if true.

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I will pay someone $17 to dub driver sounds over Trons bad chips in earlier videos, pre bounce wokeness.


Is it just me or do the impact sounds in the videos remind you of how baseball on ESPN makes a ground ball sound like Barry Bonds hit one into McCovey Cove?? Every time I am like “Oh shit that was PIPED!!” Exhibit A