NLU Bandon Video


Sorry to clutter the forum with a new thread, but I can’t seem the find the video(s?) NLU posted from their Bandon trip earlier this year. I looked on the YouTube channel and it’s not there. I also looked on the Travel section of the website but all I can find are the course by course recaps/articles. Anyone have a link they can share or anyone that can point me in the right direction? Gracias.


We actually didn’t make one. That was a very very rare golf trip with almost no content capture. Was our annual corporate retreat.


@Rob12 I had the same thought the other day and remembered that there wasn’t one.

and don’t let @Soly lie to you, they were on social media the entire time. I don’t think these guys are capable of taking a trip without creating #content (something we’re all thankful for).


Mandela effect


No formal YouTube video but y’all put up a couple posts on the NLU Instagram, including a pinned story with some drone footage. Better than nothing in my opinion.