NLU Bandon 2022: Logo Hot Takes and Sharing Love

Though it was an #elite 6-iron, lets send that skin to Wyatt.


Great cause. Please donate my skin

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Good stuff Soly, please donate my skin (DuBois)


thank you Soly, please donate my skin; it was good meeting all of you; what an outstanding event, and one that I will never forget … can’t wait for the next one. Wisconsin, NC, all calling. :wink:

take care


Not for nothing, it’s kind of weird to hop back in here after a couple days and slightly forgetting what and why people were donating and just seeing people type, “Please donate my skin”.

It for real took me a second to go from, “Woah, why are people donating their SKIN” to, “Oh yeah, good job everyone!”

Maybe I just need more coffee.


Sorry to interrupt the skin donations, but is this event going to happen again next year, @tron? And when it does, will the lottery be weighted in favor of those who didn’t get to go this year?

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Can I get a dislike button?

Joking, only because I would keep my spot in perpetuity if given the ability.


Here here to that my guy


SAME HERE :beers:


I’ve already amended my will to include the bequest of my Bandon spot.


If spots to future Bandon trips are like season tickets, I’m happy to relinquish my spot and let someone else enjoy one of the great golf resorts of the world.

Being called out as soft by @Sarah and the rest of The Monday Zoom Crew wasn’t a surprise. I know I’m not built for it; @FlightedHoselRocket heard me say that Bandon would be great with a cart, though the more I think about it the Finn Scooter would be absolutely perfect until I accidentally drive off a cliff.

tenor (1)


Thanks for facilitating @Soly

Just dumb luck and timing. @mstork Sent $20 of the Murray sale for a much better cause then my head cover fund!



I said it with love!

Happily will take Dole’s spot for future Bandon trips


For sure, I am grateful for the opportunity to play with 64 NLU sickos in the cathedral that Keiser built, and forge new friendships. And in the spirit of evangelism, I would be fine if each subsequent trip had a large contingent of Bandon virgins to be invited (popped?).

As faithful disciples to the church of Bandon, I’m sure we all have spent the last couple of weeks proselytizing to our buddies back home to plan a golf trip, to follow in the footsteps of St. David, St. Bill and St. Ben, St. Jim and St. Tom (I know, I know, but Jesus had Judas, Buddha had Devadatta) and bathe in the glory that is Bandon. I am confident most of us will be fortunate to return with our buds to launch 'em over the cliffs and let the wind bring them back onto infinity greens, taste the salt in the air from the crashing waves below, walk amongst the Port Orford cedars, and fight the crows for our protein balls. And if my “spot” is available to give, I give it freely and with no regrets, so others may do that same for their first time.

P.S. Fuck Tom Doak.


Colour me also interested. Seeing Bandon, and also being slightly on the outside of Scotland…I fancy getting involved in a trip…if I can make it work!

Amen. #FTD


Happy to donate my skins! Thanks @Soly!


Generous crew! Still waiting to hear from a couple guys, but @Soly is sending over $2700 to Wyatt between skins, nlu match, and extra funds that people sent over, with a couple hundred more probably still to come. Really good shit everyone!

I’ll also say that I didn’t anticipate 61 skins. I figured with a group of 64 people we’d have a couple dozen. Lesson learned :joy: but glad it yielded some good in the end!


Sick. Go get ‘em Wyatt


Wyatt is grateful beyond belief for the help. Thanks to all that contributed! Hopefully it helps free him up to play some good golf next week.