I would love to see a one stop, mobile shop for NLU. Video, refuge, merch, etc.

I’m not a developer, I don’t know how much goes into that. But with the crowd that supports NLU, I’d think an app would be nice. I’ll pony up $20 or whatever, another chance to support “new media” in golf would be great.


Would purchase and use.


same here, I have no technical experience with apps whatsoever but would definitely use it if it was created.


I imagine it would be pretty hard to get people to pay $20 for an app when the mobile site is free and already has everything you listed.


Like i said, i dont have a clue what it would cost them to do, and personally, i’d rather see something optimized for mobile. As nice as the website is, generally, apps are better while on your phone.


File this in “Contrarian Take” category. I am against an app. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Adoption rate of an already niche audience is going to be limited
  2. Instagram/Twitter/the Refuge already have pretty good notification capabilities and would be redundant
  3. More people discover NLU from universal platforms like Twitter and Instagram - and they still need to focus on reach - dollar, dollar, dollar bills, ya’ll - (cost per thousand impressions, a.k.a., CPM)
  4. Their business does not really lend itself to an app - not yet anyway…if they were dropping a large amount of content every day and had player profiles, golf course information, and other large data sets, then sure.
  5. Finally, apps are a giant pain because they are expensive to build (iOS and Android) and maintain - patches and updates, etc. This is a small and dedicated group - (insert “Ain’t nobody got time for that” gif)


I concur. We’ve explored creating apps for various parts of our business. For us, it just makes more sense to have a nice, optimized website to work for a variety of devices. It’s one of those ideas that sounds great, and could be good, but isn’t always worth it.


everything’s been said. Doubt the return on the investment for an app would be worth it.