NIT 2022 (Attention NIT Qualifiers Save The Date & RSVP in post 22 )

Trying to figure out my Thursday plans. Anyone want to get a mid day round in somewhere before the evening festivities?

Edit: anyone have room for a single at Yards that day?

Also could be talked into an earlier round that morning if someone is interested. Always down to cram in as much golf as possible

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I’m gonna send it and play Sawgrass. After that I’ll use their locker room to clean myself up, shove my playing clothes into my nest member gift, stick around for their unparalleled happy hour and then head over to the welcome party.

Along the way I’ll drink a case of red bull.

Wanna do that?

Edit: Pain


Don’t hate yourself enough to fly Frontier.

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Throwing this out there: @jimmay and I are looking at Sunday morning (not too early…) golf options if anyone wants to join. Also planning WP9 around 1pm or so Thursday before driving up to Jax for anyone else flying through Orlando or driving up that way.

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Registered and flights booked (United coast to coast red-eye, s/o trap draw).


Does anyone have any great Jax coffee roaster recs? Will need for red eye recovery


@djpie sent me to Round Bird and it was really good.

I know @Tron is a big bold bean supporter. I order whole bean from there occasionally after my time spent there last year.


Bold bean was my favorite as well :+1:


Take Matt’s advice. He’s smart.

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Registered. Flights booked. Now on to looking for a place to stay.

Is anyone interested in going in on an AirBnB? Looking near the course and there seems to be plenty. Seeing one a few blocks away that accommodates 10 and has a heated pool for around $200 a person Thurs-Sun…

Yes there is. Mine.

All NIT qualifiers that played in events before September 1, we need your RSVP by next week or we will begin filling those spots.

All NIT qualifiers that played in events after September 1, you’ve got two weeks to RSVP.

For everyone that has RSVP’d but not paid, deadline is October 15! If you haven’t seen your invite to register come though, DM me and I’ll resend.

Thank you!


Anyone have any recommendations for a sports bars in the area? My wife is gonna be in Jax the week before for a work trip and they need a good place for Thursday Night Football.


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I’d be interested in an AirBNB - surely a bunch of other folks are still looking for lodging too

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Also in on any airbnb

RSVP submitted! I’ll keep an eye out for registration info.


Please see above.

What am I missing from above? I submitted the RSVP and now I have to wait for a link for registration, right?

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Sorry man, I read your post as a question and not as a statement. See you there

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