Nike had a big weekend at Shinny


Whether you like their gear or not, Nike must have been pretty happy with how their players fared at the US Open.
Fleetwood and Finua looked great in those hats with the strings over the bill and their collarless shirt (im not a fan, but still, thats not my point) and P Reed and Koepka in the traditional Nike hats. Russell Henley got a ton of airtime in that redic JUST DO IT hat.

Even without Tiger, Rory and Jason Day… Nike was a big winner last weekend. I bet they are slanging a bunch of their new golf gear post Shinny.


I am a sucker, because I found myself wanting a rope hat after this weekend when I never would have worn before seeing it topping Tommylad’s handsome mug. I also saw someone with a sharp navy blue Shinnecock US Open rope hat out at a bar roughly 150 miles Northeast of the Hamptons on Saturday night, so they seem to be back in fashion. I just don’t ever see me pairing one with a blade collar - but maybe with an old-fashioned Criquet Players Shirt?


When the Nike players wore actual collars, I thought they all looked pretty good. I’d sport one of those rope hats, for sure. I’m out on the “just do it” hat though.


I’m a fan of the blade collars, think it brings a sporty fresh look to the game…although Tiger’s Sunday red should be collar only.


Also the Nike Classic 99 (Koepka on Sunday) is the most comfortable/versatile hat of all time…not that loud just do it crap though.


The blade collars look great on a 25 year old kid with chiselled abs. On me they’d look like this: