NFL 2020 - Belichick was never good, but Brady is

Figured if this didn’t exist, it would just bleed into every other thread. Footbaw!

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game last night was so good


I cannot imagine being a starting quarterback on what people consider a super bowl contending team, and getting boo’d before halftime of your first game. I was having so much fun watching them flounder around

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Sorry, but this is a mortgage and student loans thread now. Cease and desist football discussion immediately.


Are we sure Matt Nagy is actually an offensive coordinator? Because I refuse to believe the Packers actually have a good defense.

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Trubisky looks awful, I’d be worried if I was a Bears fan.

I’m a Vikings fan though so I loved it :smile:


I retweeted this last night, but I can’t imagine being a Bears fan, and watching the other two QB’s be so successful.


He has Tony Romo’s helmet-face combined with the Eli Manning deer-in-the-headlights look. It will not end well for anybody with that combination


Packers defense looked like they were flying. So, either they played that well or Trubisky was telegraphing every throw over the middle. The only completions I saw Trubisky make were back shoulder throws on the sideline.

I think it goes without saying but whatever… we all agree the Browns are going to shit down their legs and disappoint us, right?


Browns will be the most disappointing team since…the Browns

Ouch! I forgot about that!

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We all agree the Pats going back to back is inevitable right?

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I am high on the Browns and low on the Steelers.

Browns take that division and maybe make the AFC Championship game.

Myles Garrett is going to be a force.


A tough look if you’re a Bears fan but this made me laugh out loud.


As a lifelong Browns fan (who has lost faith multiple times), I’d like to think this is true. But, like Vikings fans should know, I won’t believe it until I see it.

But at least there’s seemingly reason for actual hope.

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I have been to the gym 4 times since Miles Garrett’s body issue came out. I had been 0 times in the four weeks before that. I will absolutely be pulling for him this year

This is where I’m at. I love Baker so I want it to happen but the hype is outrageous.

There is A LOT of talent on that roster, it might be the most talented roster in the NFL.

With that much talent, it’ll be very hard to screw up.