Next stop on The Last Stand of Payne Stewart book tour: Kansas City

Greetings from Austin, friends. I just found out I’ll be at Rainy Day Books, 2706 W. 53rd St. in Fairway, on Wednesday, Dec. 11.

This one’s special. I’m from Kansas City: Grandview High School, class of 1983. I learned the game at quirky Swope and last played at Hillcrest. Hillcrest! What a place.

I’m sure I’ll tell the story about Payne Stewart and Jim Holtgrieve, who played in the final match at the 1979 Missouri Amateur at Wolf Creek. Don’t know that story? It involves insults, Tom O’Toole, the calling of names and (almost) a fistfight. Stewart boasted that he would beat Holtgrieve – my goodness, Missouri amateur golf royalty if there ever was – so badly he would never forget it. Stewart did. And Holtgrieve didn’t.

I’d love to see you at Rainy Day to finish the tale. And please keep the bids coming in the Strong Like Stella auction for a first edition from my author’s run.


See u there.

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MO Am was at Wolf Creek? Never knew that.

It was! A Kansas course but a member of the MGA.

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Wild, thought KCCC and maybe MHCC had held it before, but had no clue Wolf did.

cc: @3wiggle

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I’d say he gets latitude to start different topics passed on venue/date.

Yeah I don’t really care. I love having Kevin here on the board. Don’t want to do anything to discourage him diving in here with us.
The new thread thing is just kind of a running joke at this point.


@3wiggle like:

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Wish I could be there. Rainy Day Books is the GOAT. Grew up 10 minutes from it!


@KevinRobbins Do you have a rough idea of what time this’ll start? Want to plug it into my calendar

that’s me talking to all of my putters


i am borderline in tears at my desk

cc: @LJP

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not as intriguing as Wolf, but Blue Hills hosted in 2013.

regardless, I’ll probably be there presuming it can fit in the daily routine of work/kids.

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People think I have a problem, @3wiggle sounds like a total putter-hoarding degenerate. I want to see the collection… [pounds desk] Show us! Show us! Show us!

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Not yet @almostscratchonce. It’ll be evening for sure, though. More to come.

Also thank you for your interest in coming! Hope to meet you in December…

Thanks! Assumed it would be post-work hours. I’ll get in the ear of my kids’ daycare director that the 11th is off limits for them to schedule their Christmas Program.

Sweet, I’ll hopefully see you there. Do we need to sign up/RSVP or just show up?