New Titleist irons vs older AP2

Is there really much difference in a few models older iron? Currently gaming the 712 AP2s. Got fit this weekend for T200s. I know I’ll see a difference in distance cause of loft but are you going to see a huge change if I got 718 AP2s vs my older AP2s?

do you want the marketing answer or the truth?


Had the 714 AP2s that were great. Would still be playing them, but was given a set of 718 APs at cost ($500). I have noticed further distance in them, think this is mostly due to the difference in shaft. Old shafts were DG S300 all same weight, the new shafts are True Tempers AMT shafts that change weight as you move through the set. I think this change has increased the distance. But if I closed my eyes and you put a club in my hand and I swung it with my eyes closed, I probably couldn’t tell you which model I was swinging. I am sure there are difference in the numbers, but other then adjusting my yardages (slightly not much), I haven’t felt/seen/experienced any difference between them. Take it for what its worth. I am with Nandersen on this one.

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It’s really hard to make a club that consistently generates more efficient contact (higher smash factor) with identical flight characteristics. And if an OEM did it, they would be slaughtering the market. Instead they just sell carry distance (which isn’t even a good thing).

It might carry further, yes - but does it launch the same? Does it spin the same? Does it land the same? If you answered no to any of these questions, then it’s not exactly the same club.


I play 714 MBs but demo the new model each time they come out. I haven’t noticed a discernible difference (feel or numbers wise) but may be forced in to a change sooner than later as my grooves are starting to wear out after 5 seasons.

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T200 is a completely different animal compared to the T100 (which is the replacement for the AP2). So your 712 AP2 is absolutely different than T200.

Now 712 AP2 vs 2018 T100…same look for sure. Inside is the biggest difference…much improved in my opinion. More tungsten in a forged head. Bottom line… same profile and soft feel, more forgiving.

T200 built for distance and forgiveness. It feels and sounds vastly better than the previous AP3 model.

Only numbers that matter…carry, spin, land angle.

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On another note…

anyone who is looking for more distance or ‘different numbers’ out of a muscle back or players iron is in the wrong iron all together.

There’s a reason the MB never changes…the people it was meant for don’t want different carry numbers. Maybe better feel, sound, launch, or spin…but they want it to go the number it’s supposed to go… every time.


so is the new T200 more like the previous AP1 versions?

and now the T100 is more like the previous AP2 versions?

Just made a switch from 710 Ap2 to 718 AP2. The ball comes out much higher thanks to the AMT shaft–different from the DG S300 I had with the older model. There’s a touch extra forgiveness for sure and I do think they’ve improved the feel a touch on a center strike. They look so sweet at address–a little smoother than the older model. Also - they improved the sole of the club–it’s supposed to go through the turf a little smoother? I have noticed that my divots are shallower on that front. However, I don’t think you’re suddenly going to be 10 yards longer in every club.

On the AP3/T200 front. I hit the Ap3 and liked them, however, I just couldn’t get past the stronger lofts. Decided I’d rather stick with what I knew when upgrading irons rather than have to adjust completely–especially with the “scoring” irons–as I started hitting the AP3 43* PW. That was going to require a total adjustment through my wedges lofts and yardages…just didn’t make sense to me.

Tiger’s PW is still 50*

Right…the companies have juiced up the lofts to make them “longer”, but you’re actually hitting a 8.5 iron or something. However, they have moved the weights around so that it comes out lower but gets up in the air…

The truth…

I’m an AP3 player now, but honestly the 714 AP2 irons were magnificent. I changed to go from DG S300 to AMT Black R300. I think I’d be at least as happy with the right shafts in 714 AP2 because they were so good.



Spin rates? Land angle?

do you have data or do you just want to quote marketing? If you remember from our “driver” marketing, moving the weight affects spin rates…

That’s where I’m at currently. Gonna need new clubs, question is just go with 718s or the new model. I’m stock everything so ebay is the play

T100 is AP2 replacement

T200 is AP3 replacement

T300 is AP1 replacement.

Titleist introduced the AP3 after the market shifted into ‘Players Distance Irons’ and consequently effed up their naming strategy. They shifted to the T-line of irons and also replaced their hybrid names to sync with their metal wood names.

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gotcha, thanks for the clarification

kind of confusing they would do that with the numbers after having the last 3 AP series match up like they did

i would have thought the T100 would be the new AP1

They absolutely boxed themselves into a corner and then confused everyone in the process.

with that being said…T100 is rock solid. The long irons launch beautifully and feel great. I tried AP3 for 6 months and tossed them. The feel, sound, look were challenging for me. Wanted to go for T200 for the distance… sound and feel were much improved…but the heel to toe length is a no go for me.


i play the 716 ap1’s right now and really wanted to like the AP3 but just never could get past the feel and sound either…was a big disappointment tbh

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