New Smyrna, FL Golf Courses

Did a search for New Smyrna - couldn’t find anything. Family and I are going down for Thanksgiving. What are the best options in the area? A little overwhelming when googling

New Smyrna Beach Golf Course is a Donald Ross design. It’s been awhile since I’ve played it, so can’t say much more than that.

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Thanks, but I made it as far as using google maps. Seems like there are a bunch of courses within an hour of New Smyrna on the coast and inbetween the drive from Orlando. If you are familiar with the area, would be great if you could comment on the courses, conditions, layouts and value. Happy to do the same should you ever want to visit Atlanta

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This area of the world is tricky for golf. Plenty of options with very few that stand out. Most were built in the darkest hours of GCA when the golf course was just a means to the housing development’s end. I played a decent amount of golf in Daytona growing up and nothing stands out from those courses

I haven’t played them, but the Hammock Beach courses an hour north seem to be a rung above everything else.

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Thanks! Having played the asheville muni recently can say all of his tracks aren’t created equally… I’ll look into it

Someone local recommended the LPGA course. You played that one?

new smyrna beach is a cool ass place, never played golf there, but love the city as a whole

flagler tavern had some decent food, sat outside on the patio over looking the street which was cool. JB Fish camp was a dope little spot with a good vibe to it. norwoods tree house bar was super cool at night and offered up some good live music in a truly unique setting, definitely would check that out again.

there is also a bar just over the bridge whos name escapes me right…locals spots that does half price drinks or shots, something when the draw bridge goes up…enjoyed our visit there as well

NSB Muni seems to be getting some pretty solid reviews as of late

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I have. I think I won a junior tournament there circa 2000. It definitely has better bones than some of the other courses. Houses set farther back from the holes, not as many houses in general. Nice range. I’d read the GolfAdvisor reviews to see how conditions have been lately.

Quick side story. When I won the tournament I was 12 and I was playing with a childhood friend/rival I probably played 500 rounds with between the ages of 9 and 12. Kid was a straight-up hustler and took so much money off of me before the age of 12. He definitely made me a better gambler and mentally tougher.

The third in our group was this kid from Daytona who had a very typical overbearing golf mom. Earlier in the season she called a bit of a phone in penalty on me for something nobody in the group knew was against the rules, me included. I was squatting on the green between putts rolling a ball 6” back and forth in my hands. Testing the green. Ouch. Lesson learned.

On the third or fourth hole in the LPGA tournament the kid from Daytona has to move his mark out of someone’s line. Comes back and cleans up his putt at which point my friend asks “did you move your mark back?” Kid has a borderline meltdown when he realizes what he’s done. Blows up for the rest of the round.

We get in the car for the ride home and we’re re-hashing the round at which point the mark moving issue comes up. My buddy says “yeah I knew he didn’t move it back but his mom called that penalty on you a couple weeks back so I let him do it then called it on him.”

Absolute savage.


A true frenemy

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New Smyrna & Daytona Beach muni are Donald Ross’. I grew up in the area (didn’t grow up playing golf, but play now); played New Smyrna twice in the past 6 months visiting my folks and was impressed being its a public muni that people in the area don’t folk to. Sugar Mill is private, but if you can somehow get on play it. Spruce Creek Country Club and Cypress Head are good options, I really like Spruce Creek. LPGA in Daytona and Victoria Hills (Deland, FL) are a tier above Spruce Creek or Cypress Head and are about 25-30 minutes from you. Victoria Hills is a top public course in the area. If you don’t mind driving that distance that would be my recommendation on top of all these courses.

As far as food, I highly recommend Our Deck Down Under.

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Thanks for the refs.

Wanted to update.

I played LPGA (Hills course) and New Smyrna Golf club.

Both were in pretty fantastic condition. The hills course was tough and a pretty Florida style layout. Really penal in a lot of places. Deep rough everywhere. Greens not too bad. I would probably play again, but it definitely favors a better player.

NSGC has great bones. Greens were in fantastic condition for a muni. Really punishing if you don’t hit elevated greens / have an off short game day, but hard to lose balls. Lots of interesting shots that ratchet risk reward, but much less penal than LPGA.

Also, had a hole in one on one of the par threes at NSGC. Wild!



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Glad you enjoyed the courses! NBGC is definitely a second shot golf course. Oddly enough, I don’t ever think to play at LPGA when I go home. I’ve played one of the courses a few years ago (they changed they names of the two 18s since I’ve played). Did the Hills end right in front of the club house?

Congrats on the hole in one! Which hole was it?

Thanks man. Still can’t believe it. It was hole #5 / Par 3. I’m a lefty - drew a 9 iron about 140, took a hop and rolled a few feet right into the hole.

The Hills course ends with a bit of a drive to the clubhouse. Maybe the Jones course that ends right there. I was really impressed with the conditions of the course, but it makes sense it being the LPGA headquarters. It was also really quick, we played 18 in about 3.5 hours.

That’s cool man. I hope to get one one day.

Now that you mention Jones I think you’re right. Glad to hear it, I’ll have to check it out next time I am down there. If you are ever in the area again I highly recommend Victoria Hills. Its about the same drive LPGA is just a different direction. Pretty sure that is where Stetson University plays (alma mater of Sam Ryder).