New Podcast Format w/ Michelle Wie

It may have already been mentioned elsewhere, but I wanted to give feedback for this it’s own thread.

As a self proclaimed hater of podcasts, I LOVE THIS FORMAT! It felt like I was listening to an ESPN 30 for 30 film. I know you can’t do this biographical style with every guest, but please, PLEASE, work this format into future podcasts. @Soly @djpie

There’s nothing more boring to me than listening to multiple people ramble and stumble their way through an “interview” for 45 mins to 2 hours with no direction or content base.

This felt entirely straight, to the point, and content based, and it was awesome.

Great job guys!


I’m a fan of podcasts. But I will admit to getting bored when it’s a long interview, especially if it’s someone I’m not super interested in. Now, if they could have spent 2 hours talking to Michelle Wie, I would have listened to the whole thing. Considering they only had 25 minutes with her, I’m glad they changed the format to be able to have her on the show. That was better than just a 25 minute interview with a lot of the details being left out. Good job guys!

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i said it on twitter but the wierd music when soly was talking has got to go. other than that it was great.

Definitely a fan when the time for the interview is limited. It helps tell the story and provide some greater insight into the interview subject. That said I still very much enjoy the open ended conversation style of a lot of the prior podcasts. I think there’s a place for both styles at NLU and would like see more of each.

So I will start by saying the raw, largely unedited interviews are the best so I hope we don’t lose those. That said, this didn’t work for me.

Tried too hard to be like Serial, Freakonomics, or The Dropout without having the depth or detail of those podcasts. This format really requires you to go deep on a story, bringing in multiple perspectives to paint the picture. It felt like the guys only had 25 minutes of audio with Michelle and tried to rig it into being longer. Just post the 25 minutes and be done with it.

Don’t want to discourage from using in the future as this type of format is great, I think you just chose the wrong story or subject.


I’d prefer a longer conversation, but it makes sense when the time is limited. Definitely a fun change of pace. I also think it would be better for LPGA players, players, or anyone else that isn’t already well known. I don’t think I’d want a pod telling me JT’s backstory since we already know it. Michelle kind of threaded the needle since a lot of her background is already known, but there’s enough interesting nuggets that it worked well enough for me.

I agree with the 25 minute sentiment - I’m a fan of shorter podcasts and wish people would do it more often. There seems to be a stigma of people being afraid to do that.

It seems as though I’m in the minority, but I find long, unedited podcasts to be wildly boring and usually hard to absorb any useful or entertaining info out of.

original ~50min discussion format > new format with limited “interview time” > limited 20min interview traditional pod format.


I never want to be a negative unless it’s warranted so I’ll just say I didn’t prefer this format and leave it at that. Which was a first from me from the NLU crew. Would honestly rather hear from lesser players who are more willing to give of their time than the ones who can barely squeeze in 15 mins of their time. Just my opinion on the matter.


Didn’t love the new format, I love the longer conversations that feel more raw. This felt too choppy and edited for my liking.


I enjoyed the podcast. I don’t think that I would prefer this to be “the new normal”, but it was a great way to tell a better overall story. I really didn’t remember/know that much about Michelle’s career, so the background stuff was really interesting. That’s the stuff that gets woven into a regular podcast discussion, but wasn’t touched on here, so Soly and team cut it up and improved the product.

And while we’re on the topic, I’d like to give Soly props for his interview skills. I think they have really improved over the past few years and I think he does a hell of a job.


I prefer the normal format, but I think they did the best they could do with 25 minutes. That’s just too short to tell a full story and really get to know the subject and get them to open up. I think this was a lot better than when they would have just thrown the 25 minutes out there and left it at that, that probably would have felt somewhat short or easy.

My only issue was the fact most of us know about Michelle Wie and her story, so I didn’t really learn anything from it. I think this format would work better with someone who is less famous and has a lot of unpeeled layers.


I thought is was a great little piece. It perfectly covered my commute home from work, and @Soly had some great narration that helped put the questions into context. Like others, I would not want this to replace standard in-depth conversations, but I don’t get the sense that was ever the goal.

It might be interesting for short breaks in the a normal pod for 30 seconds to 2 minutes of commentary or discussion to help build backstory. Especially for names that we are not super familiar with.

I re-listened to this as I felt I may have been overly critical the first time but unfortunately my stance remained largely the same. I did, however, notice two things this time around.

  1. The music. Oh god, not sure how I didn’t notice the first time but this was brutal and had an almost somber feel to it, like she had died. Couldn’t choose anything a little more interesting?
  2. I had her Wiki page open at the same time, browsing her other accomplishments, and noticed Soly is just straight up reading off it, verbatim. I know it’s pretty much the go-to resource for getting all your background info, but not even trying to make it your own words was lazy.

Again, trying to provide honest feedback and if anything, this should be a compliment because all other NLU productions have set the bar very high.


Don’t hate the format…but the “narration” was literally reading off the Wie’s Wikipedia page, which Soly admitted and made light of. Could do without that.

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Yeah I did not realize it was right off of Wikipedia, could have done a bit more legwork there.

I had the same thought, the music paired with a soft spoken Soly narrating over it made me stop and pause, like wait did she die or is she retiring due to injury? Kind of had the vibe of a cutaway story from a sports broadcast to talk about an athletes shitty childhood or deceased parent, where they play music and speak in hushed tones to let the viewer know this is a serious story.

Not saying the NLU crew was trying to for that vibe, it just kind of ended up with a touch of that affect.

That said I think the format was an interesting approach to make more out of a relatively short interview so I definitely appreciate it in that vein and feel like it flushed out the story more. I’d take this format over the alternative short interview, but definitely still prefer the long form interviews.


Dang, not great. Hopefully it’s not serious. (and hopefully she is not out on the range Sat morning hitting balls)