New England: Cape Arundel on October 3 - CHARITY UPDATE POST 156

Right now I have @NotTheRealTW @RobbieVogel @FringeLife down for an afternoon loop as well. For everyone else I’m going to target morning round times between 8-9. Could still use a few more people so tell your friends!


I’m in for 2 loops!


Anyone else want to get in under the wire?

Ill go for 2.

One enticement:

Attached is a sheet that (I think) distills the group and preferences stated so far. If participants could fill in additional details ASAP that would be great. Will confirm times tomorrow and then discuss potential games, food options, etc.

Google Sheet

Just a heads up, doc is view only right now

Thanks - should be fixed now

Are people heading up Friday night? Anyone renting somewhere with an extra room?

Don’t know if I can swing that, but I fully admire the dedication. Also @Goose hit us with those sweet sweet tee times whenever you have them! :slight_smile:

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Is there a replay rate? Website said no but just wanted to confirm

I will confirm, I have to talk to Cindy, who doesn’t come in until 11, to book the times.

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That’s the kind of job I want

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Waiting for Cindy to return my call

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Ok. Good news/bad news. Bad news is (Despite prior assurances) the morning times have already been snapped up by members. Earliest times they had are 10:50, 11:20, 11:40 and 12:30. Good news is free replay until sunset. So everyone can at least get an extra 9 in. Also for those driving up from MA you don’t have to leave so early

Add your preferred tee times to the google sheet. Let’s try to be flexible - I will prioritize those with best demonstrated need for a particular time.


Thanks for putting all this together!


With the times locked in, I am open to suggestions on format so we can have some fun out there. Easy enough to play quota for 18 given the wide range of handicaps. Could also do a team format if people want, or get loose with second loops/9s as appropriate. I have acquired one potential prize. Hint: it’s old.

On charity donations (if you are so inclined), I was going to suggest we take a page from Cape Arundel’s most famous members and consider donating to the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital. But there are other worthy causes out there, no doubt, so I am open to alternative suggestions there.

Note that there is no food or drink available at Cape Arundel. You are welcome to bring your own food and, ahem, beverages to the course. There is a lobster roll truck and barbecue joint on Route 1 about 8 minutes from the course, and in the other direction is downtown Kennebunkport. The club also asks that we avoid gathering too closely in large groups and bring masks for use in the clubhouse.

This should be fun!


Perfectly happy with the donation idea, and BYOF and B is actually way better than the alternative (like places that say ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL or whatever)

Quota is always fun, that works for me!


I am somewhat new here so not sure if there is a standard way to do quota, but would this be using the stableford tilt system? Always a good way to get out over your skis

Quota begins by subtracting your handicap from 36. That number becomes your quota. Then (like Stableford) you earn points for scores for each hole - typically 1 pt for Bogey, 2 for par, 4 for birdies, and 8 for Eagles. Players compete to score the most points over their respective quotas.