New driver swing issue

I’m typically a very good driver of the ball. Recently my misses have been more than my makes. I looked at my swing (as did a good friend & well known instructor). I’m rolling the driver back and inside instead of taking it back and up/around.

I cannot seem to find a feel or a drill that does not make me tense up. It’s starting to creep into the rest of my game since bad drives create a bunch of pressure etc.

Anyone successfully tackled this issue? Thanks.

Post a video in here and you’ll get too many answers.


When in doubt, turn to GG.


There was a drill somewhere on here a while back (that i can’t find) that seems like it might help with the backswing feel.

To set up, you grip the club cross-handed and holding an alignment stick parallel to the shaft extended a few feet past the butt-end of the club (basically making the club+alignment stick a combined 5-6 foot pole).

You start the drill with the alignment stick next you your right hip (assuming you’re a righty), and slide the stick down your right leg as you takeaway the club. That motion helps you take the club away straight back rather than inside.

The second part of the drill has you shallow the club on the transition, causing the stick to pop to the left side of your body, but that doesn’t seem to be the problem here.

I’ll post the video here if I can find it.

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