New Course Construction

I play at a par 70, 6,100 yards course in Scotland.

Of course it is short and elite players would rarely have more than wedge into any green. But what it does do is have great design features. Raised greens that are not easy to hit unless you in good shape off the tee. 2 par 5s that really make you think about a second shot and some challenging par 3s where you do need to hit 200 yard shots to make the green (thus giving bigger hitters at least a few long irons to hit).

But it’s not a course for elite players, its a member course for amateur golfers. Perhaps they could stretch half a dozen holes out a few extra yards if they really wanted to, or re-route a couple of holes onto adjacent land they own… but there is zero commercial reason to do this. You roll off a green and could spit onto the next tee. It is truly a pleasure not to have a 50 yard walk onto every tee box.

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But… but… it’s too hard to simulate a 520 yard par 4 when we only have this 470 yard par 4!

What do you mean, ‘Hit your drive and then move it back 50 yards?’ How will I post my score for handicap purposes so I can go to US Open Locals???


Have you read the comments here and/or gone to watch my videos?

Please note what is said about the course starting around 1:32, it won’t be edited and posted to the socials until tomorrow.

Overall, it is hard to answer some of these questions until we have an overhead shot of the course. Neither Apple (construction) nor Google (old course) maps are updated yet.

Looking at Indiana’s schedule, they don’t play any courses even close to 7900 yards. Most were in the 6800-7200 range. The longest was Erin Hills, which they didn’t tip out, and has massive fairways. Length doesn’t equal elite tournaments, a better golf course would. In the last decade, the most memorable NCAA venues I can remember are Riviera, Prairie Dunes, and Eugene CC which played 6900-7000 yards.

I’m actually more surprised all of that money wasn’t put towards a better practice facility, hitting bays, Trackman, team locker rooms and lounges, etc. NCAA teams travel around town to play mostly anywhere their coach desires (GOLF on Campus feature with ASU said they played 32 different courses in the Phoenix area one season), but those amenities (like ASU just constructed at Papago) would seem to attract recruits more than a meh new course design. (Looking online, they have a decent facility but only two bays and the teams’ range ends at 210 yards?)


Exactly as @Tron envisioned, docking your boat right up to the tee box. Truly spectacular.

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They aren’t looking to play 7900 yards- 7200-7400 is what they will set it up as for college tournaments. But they can move tees forward and back to simulate holes from upcoming tournaments quite easily.

They already have a pretty nice (and fairly new) practice area. There aren’t many other courses around town they’d go to. They will use the driving range on the new course, which has some special spots for them, too.

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Looks like there was a press release today with the new Short Course at Pebble by TGR design! Shows the layout and the putting course. No. 2 is supposedly a replica of No. 7 at Pebble. There are also some photos that were added of the site under construction with The Cat


So is Privacy parked in Stillwater Cove now?

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I like this (really like the #7 replica with the views) and have been looking forward to the reworking of the old Peter Hay course, which was never really worth writing home about.

I do still wonder what will happen to this the next time the US Open rolls into town. The whole reason this course exists is last year they built tents (corporate and merch and all kinds of other stuff) on the old Peter Hay course (this spot) knowing it was their plan to bulldoze that and build this course. But in 2027 the US Open is rolling into town again and they’re going to need the space again. I guess there’s a way to build that stuff that doesn’t completely destroy the course below?

Can he use the Panama Canal, or does he have to go around the horn?

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Northwest passage

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US Open is enough $$$ that they will happily completely destroy the course for corporate and merch tents, then rebuild it when it’s over.

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I can’t find the source, but I feel like when they announced this they said that they had a plan that wouldn’t tear up the course during the Open.

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The Pfau Course jumps off the page regarding the length, bunkers, etc., from the back tees. The beauty of what they did, in my mind, is that they pretty radically reduced the amount of irrigated turfgrass on the course, took out dead trees, etc., so it is a much more sustainable model than it was. I doubt anyone is ever going to take it on from 7,900 yards, but it gives flexibility, particularly with wind or specific holes that the team may play in competition.

The new practice facility at the course is insane. Absolutely massive double sided range. You are right though, the team has its own newish practice facility that was designed by Tim Liddy. My recollection, though, is that it is not suitable for hitting drivers, etc. Also have the new team clubhouse on-site, as well.

IU golf now has one of the better set ups in the region and night-day better than what they had before.


I am unbelievably excited to get down there and play this thing! Me and some teammates from the club golf team always played cascades because it was a better course… That doesn’t appear to be the case any longer.
Also, @auribe14 could this place legitimately hold a Major? I know parking would be an easy one to solve since it is right by the football and basketball stadium. However, room for infrastructure and fans? Just wondering what your opinion is.

Theoretically, yes. I would assume any college town that can handle a B1G football weekend could handle a golf major, infrastructure-wise.

We don’t have an overhead satellite shot of the completed course but it certainly seems like there is space on the course for all that is required there. Spectator parking would be fairly close (closer than even the US Senior Open at Notre Dame, for example).

Now, would they go for any professional event- highly doubtful. I can see them holding the Big Ten Championship and an NCAA Regional soon, and likely an NCAA Championship down the road. I would think, if they so desired, they could also hold any of the USGA Amateur championships that they wanted to. I could see a Junior, for recruiting purposes, for example. Depends on how much they really want to market the course, I guess, if they went for a US Amateur since it wouldn’t be for the ego of the members.

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I knew parking would be perfect due to all the complexes across the road. I assumed based on yardage and hole by hole description it would be able to go pretty high among the am tournaments. I was hoping something professional would make it there. Fingers crossed for the future? Either way, seems like a great addition to IU and to Bloomington. Great rates for students to play what seems like a top notch course. After seeing some of the things you have posted I’m trying to get down there and play it Monday!

Yes, but not really a campus course that students can play regularly anymore…

I just don’t see the desire to hold a professional event, let alone a major, there. Indiana(polis) is known for holding outstanding sports events but for the most part those are amateur events, outside of the Super Bowl.

We’ll have to see what the course does in the ratings- don’t know how much a super-high rating influences the PGA or USGA to approach a course, or if they have enough suitors that they don’t go looking for places to play.

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I am guessing just due to the volume of golf?

I know it is a slight hike from campus to get there unless you’re on the north end of campus. I didn’t think it would I was thinking there are enough great proven venues that a new one doesn’t really have a place for a major.

$40 a round, for a student?