Networking into private clubs

First of all, welcome to the Refuge. Whether you’re making the jump from lurker to poster or just found us, glad you decided to jump into this crazy place.

I’m generalizing here a bit. The type of club you seem to be looking at typically has a wait list/full roster. Adding a new member means picking someone over someone else. So think of it as an job search & interview - you’ve made your intentions know. Next step has to be asking about what membership options are like at their club, how they got their membership, if there are open spots, etc. Then, once you’ve gotten going in the process - if you have the goods, you have to show it to them.

And by “the goods” I don’t mean the career, finances, sweet car, hot wife, etc. All of those are going to be expected for anyone seriously considering joining. What makes you a cooler dude than the other gui? The gui they want to have hanging out at their sanctuary? For someone to sponsor you to join their club means them putting their reputation on the line, too.

No offense - and it may have just been setting the scene so you didn’t get shit on for your post, but if the quoted block above is how you’re introducing yourself to an entirely new group of people, that can be taken a certain kind of way that might turn people off.


Hey, it’s :man:t3:‍🦳:sandwich: dammit.

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Cornell was her fall back.


I think you may be the first person to ever get that right. Full ride in men’s track is very rare and would likely enable you do get preferential admissions.

ND is crazy dirty when it comes to sports admissions. There is an entire saga around Aaron Lynch and his family that could be a 30 for 30 by itself.


Elite colleges and golf clubs play by the same rules. I’m sure Boston College saw another Irish Catholic and said why bother.

No doubt. All of those major schools are pretty sleazy, but Notre Dame strikes me as being the sleaziest of the bunch.

As an aside, I never broke 1:50. Best was 1:52. Did get down to 4:09 in the mile, though, but my specialty was the steeplechase.

Played Charles River a couple weeks back with the former president of the club. For context, I’m very much in your same category w/r/t age, handicap, and career.

When the topic of me getting into Myopia or Essex came up, his only advice was “change your last name.”

Take that advice as you will.


lol if youre comparing athletes vs students at the university then thats fair, athletes bring revenues so despite what they say in big office, they are treated differently.

As far as rules vs the rest of college football, that program is super clean compared to the national average.


SOME athletes bring revenue. I was a non-revenue athlete, and believe me the university reminded me very regularly of that fact.

Athletes being plural was looking at it as a whole, but yes some sports lose money and literally live off the football team at times. the hockey program for example, would never be where it is today without football along the way. With out Navy bailing the school out and the football team, there likely isn’t even a school in 2020, and that’s the biggest thing people forget.

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lmao if this was a thing then there would be truly no way I would have gotten accepted

And, that’s a shame. Fuck Navy.

I’m not sure I follow? You hate ND enough to slam Navy for keeping the school open during WW2?

USC or Michigan?


I think it depends on which elite course you want to get into in Boston. Some of them require a lot of people/sponsors, some require just a lot of time, others require someone to really work hard on your behalf. I’d be happy to give you a perspective on what I know about every course in the area, but there are also some very good courses that really want guys like you where as TCC (for instance) has plenty of guys like you who want to join,

feel free to PM me

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When does Aunt Becky get her jump suit? How cool would a private club admission scandal be to watch.

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Yes, ND is the worst and a world with ND is worse than one without it. So, fuck Navy for keeping them going.

Not USC or Michigan.

I’ll say this, I’ve never met a bigger hater…you have that going that least

My daughter was practicing law in London and asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I told her I would like to become a member of the R&A. She didn’t see it as a big deal until a short time later her best connection was killed in a terrorist attack. She’s in LA now. I wonder who got Aunt Becky’s spot at Bel Air. Sad thing is that at 60 my joining days have passed me by but it is fun to dream.

Flashbacks of scouring CollegeConfidential boards in high school here.


Boston, under 35, single digit handicap, very interested in elitist country club society…welcome back Nandy!