Net and Mat Recomendations


I am getting my little guy a starter set this year for Xmas and the perfect opportunity to get a Mat and Net for the garage for me…

Just read the simulator thread and about to place an order for a birdieball putting green as well.

The mat they recomended on the build your own simulator looks awesome but is damn expensive.

Anyone have good reqs?


Not sure if its against the rules to pub you’re own company here… but I work for Rukket and would love to help you and your son out if you’re interested. Shoot me a dm.


I purchased the 10x7 Rukket net two years ago and it’s held up really well, can confirm it’s a good company. Perfect for an indoor garage set up which is what I use it for to get some winter swings in. I also purchased two smaller sections of country club elite hitting mats based on internet reviews, and they are definitely worth the money. The mat does give you a true feel compared to some harder mats out there.


I have the Rukket Spyder net…it’s very good.


I recently bought this mat and net:

Hitting Net
Hitting Mat

Thankfully, the mat was $70 off on a cyber monday deal. It’s still a pretty decent price at $270 on costco considering the manufacturer wants like $400 for it on their website.

Personally, I wasn’t going to go cheap with the mat as there are a ton of horror stories on mats causing injuries etc. (particularly the County Club Elite) Since I’ve got a bit of a bad back, and have had issues with hitting off of mats in the early season, I wanted something I knew was less likely to cause issue. I’ve been hitting a ton of balls off the mat the last couple of weeks and have zero complaints for feel and performance. I also like that it breaks down into five piece for easy storage.

Check out for a variety of reviews. They also have a bunch of DIY hack options for making cheaper mats more comfortable to hit off of.

I also really like the Spornia net I bought. It’s great for the garage and the setup/takedown is super easy. Once you get the hang of the folding part its really quick. The first couple of times its a bit annoying but its really easy now. I was stuck using an old net for a week or so while waiting for the Spornia and I couldn’t have been more annoyed by the old setup. I love the fact that the Spornia is basically a self contained unit. Unfold it, put three poles in (if you have the roof model) and that’s it.

An additional feature of the Spornia net is the ball return. Super handy having the ball return basically right back to your feet. The cheap net I was using prior had a ton of bounce back and balls would either go bouncing around the garage. Not sure how the Rukket is, and maybe its better at keeping them at the bottom of the net, but you’re still going to have to go collect them when done.

I knew I wanted something that was quick for setup and take down, and I can go from a functional garage to hitting balls in about 2 minutes.


I was gifted a chipping net (I would have to dig it out and look again, but I believe it was more of a chipping target net, than a full swing net). Regardless, haven’t opened it and been stuffed in a closet, so I would be more than happy to ship it to you (if you pick up shipping cost), for the little man to use. Let me know!


thanks Gilly, I sent a DM. Looks like a great product.


I have a Rukket net and can confirm, it is great.


Echoing the rest of the sentiments that my Rukket net/mat is great.


Loving all the Rukket love guys! It means the world to us. If any refuge folk ever need anything please don’t hesitate to contact me or the company. @lonestarguido responding to you now!


Ok, digging in on this now. What model Rukket do you guys have?

tj…the Spornia looks nice but gotta support our man Gilly here!


Yeah no doubt. Wondering where he was 3 weeks ago when I was shopping? Ha!

I do like the spornia though. Out of curiosity I timed it tonight and it was 5 minutes from backing the car out to ready to hit.

For mats I would suggest the golf simulator forum for research. Lot of options out there.


I have this exact model:


Looking into one of these as well. Question, what makes the SPDR better/more expensive than the Haack?


I have the Haack model and it is exactly what I need to hit balls in the garage. I leave it fully setup during the winter as it takes up little room and I can still fit my vehicle in the garage. However if you did need to break it down each time it takes no more than a few minutes, very easy to use. Can’t comment on the SPDR but it looks like it is a bit more heavy duty.


I would recommend NOT getting the SKLZ range mat, as I’ve blown a few holes through it already a week after getting it. There is an attachment that you can put up to help with it, but I find it annoying. I’ll probably be going with a Rukket when I replace it.

As for a mat, I just got a generic brand off Amazon and it’s held up really nice. $90 or a 4x5 mat.


The SPDR is very good at stopping a golf ball and I have pretty high ball speeds (115 for an 8-iron, 160 carry) for a stinky golfer. However, I did buy some soft practice balls as I don’t want to sky one into the neighbor’s yard. LOL.


So the SPDR is designed as a more heavy duty option for people who want to keep their at home home range set up more permanently. It can be broken down and comes with a carry bag but takes more time to do than any of the Haack options. The SPDR also comes with side protection netting and a Tri-Turf Mat.

Also just want to reiterate here that we offer lifetime replacement parts for our products so if anyone needs new netting or even just wants a spare, let us know.

Thanks again for all the kind words here. Hope everyone is having a great Holiday season…


Huge fan of the Net Return. They are pricey, but well worth it in my opinion.

Also a big fan of the Matzilla Golf Mats from All Turf Mats. I have the Ultimate Super Tee 4’ X 5’. Very pleased with this mat. It has a very forgiving feel - you can hit down and through without risk of injury.

We have hit literally THOUSANDS of balls on this setup without any problems, inconveniences, or injuries.


Great, thanks for the details. Appreciate your help.