Nest podcast not working

Been trying to use the link since the button doesnt bring me to a page. How am I able to listen to this godly podcast?

You can’t just click on the link or paste in a browser from the copy link (or at least I couldn’t). You actually need to enter the URL into your podcast app. Or instead of using the copy link function, actually click the Members Only Podcast button in your nest profile

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What are you using to listen to the podcast? Apple? Overcast? Etc

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I had to resort to podcast republic as spotify doesnt allow for adding podcasts via url

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Apple podcasts for me

Yea spotify wouldnt allow me to input it either. Will look into podcast republic. Appreciate the advice!

If I wanted this much aggravation, I would just work, here at work, rather than attempt to goof off.
I think the team needs to make it easier to get the Nest pod to your phone.

The instructions are hard to follow for those of us who have never been on snapface or twitterbook

So I finally got it going. I wish I had dropped breadcrumbs along the way so I can do it again next time.

Pro traj!!

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