Need a competition/gambling game for golf weekend with wide range of golfers

Going to Pinehurst this weekend with some buddies that are a wide range of ability - I’m a 9 index, two of the other guys are ~15 and one guy barely every plays. They will want to have some sort of competition though and I’m struggling to think of something that won’t be totally lopsided and will carry everyone’s interest. Any golf games that you guys know of that would be good for a wide range of abilities?

To paraphrase Lawrence Olivier: “My dear boy, why don’t you just try stroke play?”

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you going for Llamapalooza?

Haha always on top of it.

Thank you for your service.

I’m in pinehurst also, where you guys throwing it down?

This is high comedy. I’ll never forget the first time I read this actual quote. Just an all time great

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Staying at the resort. Cradle today, #8 tomorrow and 3 on Sunday. Guys I’m with are not big golfers so I couldn’t convince them to spend the $$ for 2 or 4.

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Nice, we’re going to try and get on the cradle at some point. We’re playing mid Pines today, #4 tomorrow then #2 Sunday.

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Four Ball Match Play with one wrinkle. Each hole is worth 2 pts. 1 point for individual low net score and 1 point for Team Aggregate net score.

This does a couple things. One, it keeps the higher handicaps engaged on every hole as their score matters for the team score on the hole. Two, it allows for big swings from hole to hole. If you find yourself down by 4 you can make that up in 2 holes etc. so generally it will remain interesting well into the back 9.

Over the course of a multi-day trip, we’ve had success with putting money into a set pot and then added net birdies for the entire trip. This helps negate low handicappers skill advantage because they’re getting a few strokes on challenging holes. The super high handicappers just need to make a few random pars and bogeys to get their NBs.

Otherwise, another Net game to play with a diverse group is modified stableford. Appoint points per net score and consider a multiplier like the NLU guys do for a net bird to apply to the next hole.