Nebraska Qualifier for The Midwest "Ope"-In

Hello everyone!

Fresh off the heels of @BaxterMSP 's announcement of the Midwest “Ope”-In Championship that will be taking place next August 20/21 at The Golf Courses of Lawsonia, @Mwilhelm10 and I are here to announce the Nebraska Qualifier for that Championship event!

For more info on the Midwest “Ope”-In Championship, refer to the link below:

With that being said, we are going to be having a Match Play bracket tournament that will commence in the spring of 2021. The exact start date is still TBD, but @Mwilhelm10 and I will put together a bracket based on the number of individuals that sign up for the qualifier. As of now, we have a signup sheet that has spots for 24 individuals. However if the interest is there, and we have a wait list that allows up to have 32 spots, then we will go with that amount!

We will match up individuals based on location, that way scheduling each match is as easy as possible. Match play will incorporate the use of Course Handicap, to make it as fair as possible regardless of your individual handicap.

As of now, the semi-finals and finals will take place at Firethorn Golf Club in Lincoln and Omaha Country Club, respectively.

The two finalists will be our team representative for Nebraska a the Midwest “Ope”-In Championship next August 20/21 at The Golf Courses of Lawsonia in Wisconsin.

Sign up sheet is below!

When signing up, please keep in mind your ability to represent our great state in the Championship next August! Obviously, none of us know what next August is going to look like with the pandemic, etc… However, if you make it to the finals, and are unable to attend, we will go down the list to the next person available. @Mwilhelm10 and I will come up with the determining factors to decide who will represent Nebraska in the Championship, in the event that any of the two finalists cannot make the Championship in Wisconsin.

Thanks all! Keep in mind that this is the very early stages and definitely fluid, but we wanted to get an idea of who may want to participate in this. We welcome any ideas and suggestions that you may have!

Mark & Mike


Serious question, why aren’t we just posting this in roll call?

You’re expecting all participants to be from Nebraska anyway, right?

I could have done that, however there are those from South Dakota & Western Iowa who may want to be put in with the Nebraska qualifier, and would not have otherwise seen the signup sheet

@desertduffer You’re planning on making possibly 4 separate trips to Nebraska next summer? Are you mad?


As my home club is in Nebraska, I declare myself eligible for this qualifier. I can host several matches. I suggest two rounds of a pod, one on each day.


In my mind, @desertduffer is an honorary Cornhusker!


Understood, if I were in SD or W Iowa I would just start my own smaller bracket and have a better chance of qualifying

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By the way, will be in Fife and East Lothian April 7-22. Please schedule accordingly. THX.


Oh hell yeah

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@chipcaffey and I have been a part of some epic pillow fights over the past year. Guaranteed to be no fireworks if we get paired up


I’m interested.

Any dealz to be made at Firethorn and/or OCC? I have a rule about paying full (ridiculous) guest fees that cost more than a full-day at Sand Hills (or Wild Horse).

Already looking in to what I can do at Firethorn. Not sure about OCC. @Mwilhelm10 would have to attest to that one!

EDIT: Firethorn is only $75 for guest fees to begin with, FYI.


Cool! I thought Firethorn was more than that. I usually play stag days.

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Western Iowa is essentially Eastern Nebraska.


Living in Sioux Falls; paying state income taxes to Nebraska; play most of my golf in Minnesota and live within reasonable walking distance to the Iowa border, this event has me all perplexed!

Bottom line, signed up for the “Ope” and stoked to finally make an event work. Willing to go N, S, or E to fill a bracket spot as needed … but I’ll hang back off the match play aspect for now to see how the entry needs fall.

I’m scared as hell excitement for one Refuge event is gonna push me to once-a-month travels and the kids’ graduation party is gonna be bare bones as I tap the savings


@QMany I’ll see what I can do but understand that the cost is higher than a normal course around Omaha.

They don’t call it finals for nothing!!!


Thanks for the work to put this all together! So looking forward to the days of warmer weather and (hopefully) less COVID restrictions.


This sounds awesome. Just joined the board last week. I had no idea Nebraska was so well represented. My game isn’t ready for this, but I’m intrigued.


Sign up! We’d love to have you

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