Napa North Classic - Okanagan NLU Event Feeler

Looking to collect some feedback on BC or Okanagan locals looking to create a NLU sanctioned event in the Okanagan this summer. Very fluid situation as I am not sure if there are many Nesticles from around here but I can probably get a field of 15 from outside the nest to participate.

I am a member at The Rise in Vernon, BC and its a great venue for some tourney play, but open to anywhere in the Valley.

Chime in if you’re interested and I can start to gets some wheels in motion for planning venues, dates, etc.



@TrappersDelight Bump this to the PNW crew… I suspect there is interest. Hell I’m Mildly interested if the boarder is open, always wanted to head up there.
@Sarah @MarkInVictoria @MrVinegar206


Thanks for this. I had started to think about something like this but my job is making organizing anything a challenge right now.

Interested, depending on dates, COVID situation, etc.

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@TrappersDelight I’m interested. Also have you checked the nest directory for Okanagan members? It definitely feels like we’re lacking a western Canada crew…

Very eager to play golf in that area. Tobiano on the bucket list for sure!!


Yea - for sure - all of this will be subject to covid protocols, so it likely won’t happen until summer at the earliest.

I’ve been scouring posts/topics looking for other locals here and couldn’t much so that’s why I put the topic up. Also wasn’t sure about cross posting into other threads as I am fairly new to posting in general!

Thanks for the feedback all.

It’s smart to have this separate in events so it can be seen outside paywall :smiley:


Depending on timing etc. I’d love to head on up and participate…record Vid day yesterday does not have me hopeful, but will be thrilled when we can get some BC events going.

Figured I’d bump this as Covid numbers don’t look like the border will be opening anytime soon. Would definitely be interested in an Okanagan trip depending on dates etc as others have stated.

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Yes - I have a feeling it’s going to be above the border patrons only this year… I was thinking sometime in late June and onwards to ensure that we have some lead up time to bring case numbers down and have people appropriately plan to make a trip out. That being said, I am local and don’t need accommodations, so I know it may be more expensive/harder to find during those months. Does anyone have preferences for weekend dates in June/July/Aug.

Also do people have a budget for course play? I have some ability to book out local rates for group events at a few courses in the valley and can get some idea of costs, packages, etc. Depending on numbers/dates.


If I’m making a trip to play golf, I’m pretty price-insensitive. Like I’m guessing that Predator Ridge is likely among the priciest options in that area and I’m good with that level.

Hey All - As restrictions appear to be easing after July Long weekend for most interprovincial/regional travel, I think we can start planning on a more detailed basis.

I was thinking either Mid July or Mid August to step away from the long weekends. I can also start looking at booking out some group rates for certain parts of the okanagan.

Do people have a preference to do a one day tournament or two days? Same course both days? 36 holes in one day (replay rates are sometimes good)

Once we get some feedback I can book out some options and dates. Are able to do polls in the forum? I suck at all this haha.

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Polls are under the gear-wheel kinda thing at the top of the text box.

Length of Event
  • One day
  • Two Days
  • One day of 36 Holes
  • Multiple Venues Two Days

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Mid August I might be in the Okanagan with family. If it happens at the same time, I can surely get away and join for golf (Some of my brothers might even end up tagging along)