Myrtle Beach - Legends courses ranked

Heading to Myrtle Beach mid september and doing a stay and play deal we won at an auction. 4 nights and 4 rounds at Legends courses. we’ll play 18 thursday, 36 friday, 18 saturday.

any recs on which 4 of the 5 courses we should play?

Options are Heathland, Moorland, Parkland, Heritage and Oyster.

Understanding is 3 courses are on-site, 2 off-site. 36 hole day we’ll do onsite courses.

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Oyster Bay*

Oyster Bay is the 2nd most fun to play of the 3 but conditions can be spotty. It’s a gorgeous course with lots of gators.

Also, it’s about 45 minutes from Legends to Heritage or Oyster Bay. The breakfast/lunch/2 beers is only valid at the course you play so if playing Heritage, you eat breakfast there not at the Legends clubhouse.


Candidly I have only played Heritage but it was an awesome experience.

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I am going with a group of guys May 14th - 17th. We are playing:

R - Heathland
F - Moorland & Parkland
S - Moorland & Heathland

Based on what I have heard about Parkland, kinda wish I was playing there Thursday. I’ll update you on my thoughts in a couple weeks. Hopefully I can remember the holes.

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@Double_Bogey_Dave How’s the merch at Legends?

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It’s OK. If I recall most things say “Legends” but I think they have course specific ones at the shops.

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@Double_Bogey_Dave Gotcha. There aren’t many things you can say wrong about Pinehurst Resort, but one is they don’t have a logo ball specific to different courses. Hopefully Legends has logo balls for the different courses, I like to collect those.

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I collect yardage books, Legends hands out 1 for all 5 courses each round.


I like yardage book handouts

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I agree with this assessment.

Other items I will add:

  1. Eat at the pub (not in the clubhouse but over by the condos). It is surprisingly good food, as well as a good time.
  2. It’s gonna be a six hour round. Prepare yourself mentally and have a good time playing free golf with your friends.
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Could you or @Double_Bogey_Dave provide a short summary of Moorland, Heartland, Parkland?

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The pub is definitely good, though the free breakfast and lunch in the clubhouse isn’t bad.

Moorland is a Pete and PB Dye design, lots of elevated greens, some water to contend with. It’s a tough test for sure. The 16th is a driveable par 4, but there is a lot of trouble around the green (they have a hell’s half acre bunker).

Heathland is supposed to be an homage to the British Isles, it’s got some good holes particularly on the back 9. It was Doaks first solo design. It’s pretty wide open.

Parkland is supposed to be an homage to Riviera and Augusta. It’s tough, I think 6500 from the white tees, don’t be afraid to move up a set of play a Green/White combo. Stranz and Doak both worked on it, you can see their influence, particularly on the 9th hole which is the best hole on the course.


We finished the last hole of a four day Ryder Cup style golf trip on #9 at Parkland. I was in the final group and just needed a halve to seal the deal for my team. Tried to lay back with an iron off the tee and found the fairway bunker. Missed left pin high from there but had to get up and down to a pin in the back to bring home the cup for my team. I left it six feet away and somehow found a way to find the side door of the cup. A good hole, indeed.


Seriously, that is lame. I would have figured they’ve have a ball with just the number logo and nothings else, as well as other options.

Edit: Are you sure? My ball collector guy has several from the individual courses. Can’t imagine they would have stopped…

Pinehurst course balls

When I was there last year they didn’t. Just a generic Pinehurst. This was in the pro shop. I haven’t look online or anything.

Yeah, looks like you just missed them…

Pinehurst course balls 3

We’ve done many trips there over the years. One of the best quality / most affordable stay and plays in the USA. I put Heathland and Moorland over Parkland personally. They are all three different styles though. Heritage and Oyster and worth seeing for sure, different style as well, but a drive (relative given the others only require a call too the clubhouse to get picked up)… The main clubhouse has an awesome large putting green for after round contests. Many great memories there, you’ll enjoy. As mentioned, the bar in the condos is better than the clubhouse, but off resort offers awesome food as well.

Pro tip: if you get the package with breakfast buffet at the main clubhouse, grab a styrofoam large cup from the bar fill it with bacon, sausage, egg, 1/2 a biscuit and gravy. Bring with togo to warm up or hit the course, no need to dine in when you bring that breakfast bonanza in tow.


Is this on their website? They definitely did not have those. Maybe they took my suggestion from the suggestion box

This is from their website. Previous list was from a logo ball collector. Seems silly to think they used to have logo balls for the different courses, stopped carrying them and have now decided to carry them again.

They must have just been out when you were there- I’d check in again.

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