2019 Ball Review (Broken Robot & Fuzzy Math)

Snell MTB-X coming out on top. The article was super informative and really stresses the importance of using a consistent ball.

Did anyone else get to read it prior to shutting down; the 2019 Golf Ball review broke the internet.

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man i tried to get on there a couple hours ago to check it out and kept getting a 502 gateway error, crazy

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If you just type “my golf spy” into google, and click the “Golf’s Most Wanted” link rather than the actual website homepage it should work. It did for me earlier this morning anyway.

Edit: Not working anymore for me. Should have just left the tab open all day

I know, crazy! I somehow snuck in for a bit but then I refreshed it and received the 502 error again…

Doesn’t work for me. I have been dying to read this all day.

What was the “premium tour ball” that was 17 yards shorter than the Snell?

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I don’t know if it’s safe to mention which ball it was on an NLU forum…:zipper_mouth_face:


i tried chromesoft several years ago side by side with prov1. it was shorter for me. but nowadays the ball is almost a fitting tool like an adjustable driver is.

Big golf ball shutting down mygolfspy

Not surprised by snell, interested in where prov1 + x and my favorite 4 piece k-sig end up

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Major Cyber attack from Massachusetts and Carlsbad? :thinking:

Pro V and Snell were pretty comparable in performance. Made me happy I switched a year or so ago. I feel better about losing a $2.50 ball than one that is $3.50.


Screenshot I sent my buddy


Anyone know where Vice balls fell in the ratings? I just tried for the first time this past weekend (bought sample pack a few months ago and forgot about them), and really liked the Vice Pro +. Better than Snell Red or Black (haven’t tried MTB-X yet) for me. I’ve been saving my last couple of dozen K-Sigs, seriously considering a bulk order of Vice balls. I think I need to try the Vice Pro before committing to several dozen, though.

Thats odd to me. I always thought the Vice balls seemed cheaper than Snell.


Believe Vice did not fair nearly as well as Snell. The Cut balls looked to be the worst quality ball they tested. Edit: this was from a very short glance earlier today.

Pumped to see Srixon way up there on the list. Yuge XV fan (also get them at wholesale prices thanks to a great friend).


Struggling to load this as well. I’m sure there’s more to this than just distance - no way I’m playing a maxfli over a chromesoft.

I think a big part of getting distance is matching compression to swing speed, right?

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Vice’s were about middle of the pack, the Pro held up better than the Pro+. One of the bigger findings they came out with is that softer balls aren’t as good (somewhat swing speed relative) as most believe.

  • Snell
  • Vice
  • Cut

In that order

So what exactly is this list showing? Total yards for each ball and how much shorter it was than the longest ball?

Did the specify the testers speed and launch conditions?

I have a bunch of KSig 3 piece balls right now and I do feel they are shorter than some other balls.

The data looked like they liked the Pro better than the Pro Plus if I recall correctly. But I only had a quick look before the site crashed

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Yesss. I have been gaming the XV for about 2 years now, it’s the one piece of equipment that I have the highest confidence in. Love the feel, and love the look. Every spring I grab a trial sleeve of something else, but nothing ever got me to switch. TP5 came close, I actually liked those, but it’s interesting to see they are not as long as the Srixon. Their marketing would tell you they are the longest by a mile.

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Callaway, Titleist and Taylormade are so damn corporate sell-out, predictable as the rising sun type companies it hurts. OF COURSE they are the longest blah blah blah.

I’m here for the big corporate machines getting #exposed.


You’ve got the right one. The VP+ is great.

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