My 1st (real) Tournament


I’m rescheduled for July 16.

Some of you had asked - sorry I forgot to mention this is for my PGA PAT test. So I don’t have to worry about other competitors and how they play… strictly vs. Par and the course (and my own head) lol


I’m glad I mentioned how I passed the PAT then, and how it was a stressful experience. I’m gonna echo what I said about how you need to get out of the cart a few times and walk to your next shot to slow things down. I passed it on my 5th try, and that one was the only instance I did that. Can’t stress it enough.

I know a lot of people say to not keep your score in your head and I understand the reasoning behind it. I’m a leaderboard-watcher, and I like to know where I stand, so I always knew where I was and played that way. I shot 73 in my first round and laid up (please don’t hurt me) several times in my second round just to leave myself some easy wedge shots from the fairway, rather than take a wood or something and risk putting myself in trouble just to make a eagle/birdie that wasn’t completely necessary. You know yourself so it’s something you can decide on based on your personality. There’s no right or wrong way to go about it.

Don’t compound your mistakes. Essentially a PAT is the PGA going, “You have 36 holes and can bogey about a dozen of them, just par the rest.” Those strokes add up quickly. If you make triple, 25% of your “quota” is gone just like that. If you’re in the trees and don’t have a guaranteed out, just take your medicine and make bogey at worst. Because bogeys don’t kill you. 1 bogey every 3 holes with 2 pars on the others, and you’ll pass. Don’t beat yourself up when you make one. Not saying you should beat yourself up if you make double or worse, but a bogey will never ruin your chances.