Music Suggestions - Let's Be Thankful For This Thread As We Near 10k

Love Van Morrison. he and Warren Zevon are my favorites.


Did you end up seeing Bon Iver? I found that they’re AMAZING doing their own shows but meh at festivals. I suppose it’s because most of the crowd is just waiting on Skinny Love…

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Love Zevon as well. Moondance is probably in my top 5 favorite albums. Is on rotation starting right about now through the end of summer.

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Been on a big Tyler Childers kick lately. Dude is incredible.

Others that find their way into the rotation right now:

  • Jake Owen’s new album (great for those warm day drives)
  • Logic’s new album “Supermarket” he released to coincide with his new novel
  • Samm Henshaw
  • Broken Social Scene
  • Kip Moore (always)

Jake Owen’s new album is so mellow. Old school country right there

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Sick! Gold and Grey is coming out in June, so I’m anxious to hear that. Their album art is fantastic - I’d love to get poster sized prints of all their albums for the basement, but with 2 little kids around I likely wouldn’t get a sign-off from the wife.

Yeah I did. Have seen them twice, never at a festival, luckily it sounds like!

They are awesome live and last week’s show did not disappoint. They’ve worn Thunder gear both times I’ve seen them, but wearing the giant Steven Adams head during Perth took the cake. Though it makes me question whether Justin thinks Perth is in New Zealand or whether he thinks Mr. Adams is from Australia. Neither of which are true of course but it was still awesome.


same here. so with the kids its a lot of Zevon and Van Morrison, Radiohead, and for some reason, my kids really love the keke dance Drake song.

They must be some kids if they can tolerate Radiohead.

I knew my fiance was the one for me when I learned she was a huge Radiohead fan.


My daughter (about to turn 2) seems to really love electronic music.

My 4 year old son seems to be getting into Ozzy.

My wife hates Radiohead, but shes ok other than that.

Sometimes I go for walks really late. Like after midnight. 2, sometimes 3am. I always listen to 22, A Million on those walks.


Colter Wall, Tyler Childers, Whiskey Myers, Ryan Bingham. Grady Spencer & The Work…

Thank me later


I get it. It’s got a great “finding order amongst chaos” vibe to me.

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I hope you know all about Ray Wylie Hubbard and Reckless Kelly


Love Childers.

Ever listened to Whiskey Myers? Highly recommend.


lil nas: “I Got The Horses in the Back!”



I do now. Thanks bud.

OG alt country stuff right there.

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For the country/americana fans among us, go getchya some John Fullbright and John Moreland in your life.

Also highly recommend the Apple Music Dad Rock Essentials station - fantastic golfing/grilling/firepit/etc. selection.


Tame Impala. Mac Demarco. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. Kevin Morby.

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