Music Suggestions - Getting into the Halloween spirit?

Just curious if anyone is listening to any good music lately that they would like to share.

We’re having some nice weather in Michigan and version came across on random while I was driving. It helped make my day.


Dave Matthews Band all day, everyday


I was just about to post this same thread. Great minds @weirdfishes

The “Super 8” rendition from that show is an all-timer.

Been listening to a lot of Seger lately. Getting back into some late 90s-early 2000s jams from when I was in middle school as well.


How great are some of those early 2000’s pop-punk bangers?


This morning I revisited Gord Downie’s “Introduce Yerself” which is incredibly powerful stuff.
DEFINITELY check out the documentary

And the album is just great, too.


Was hanging out with a bunch of guys this weekend and I think we played three Yellowcard songs in a row. Can’t beat it.


Dillon Chase, Joel Ansett, Blue October, and Shane & Shane.

A few months ago, I came to the realization that the college me would be embarrassed by my music choices these days (when I’m actually listening to music as opposed to talk radio). At the time I had that realization, I was rocking out to some Belinda Carlisle.

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In the spirit of the race thread, i’ve been listening to Gary Clark Jr. on repeat.


What do you guys think about creating a community Spotify playlist?

I’ve been listening to TGJ’s Spotify playlists quite a bit

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It’s a great live album! I was lucky to see one of those shows at the Ryman and it was definitely an all timer. I still struggle to listen to Elephant as I found out about my mom’s cancer diagnosis only hours before the show…


Never heard of this but it’s a great listen so far!

Hootie and Bruce is all I need


The Tragically Hip are a Canadian institution. Front-man Gord Downie is hard to explain. Equal parts Bruce Springsteen, Michael Stipe and…I dunno…Bill Murray? He’s an absolute Canadian icon and the band kinda kills it. You could listen to them from coast-to-caost on shuffle and be pleased with almost every track.


Feel free to load this baby up.

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Deep tracks only!


Baroness’ Blue Record is always on heavy rotation for me. Same with Tool.

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Love me some Isbell - that live album is fantastic.

Today has primarily been Van Morrison and New Grass Revival. Bon Iver was in town last week so he/they have been playing a lot recently. Also currently trying to decide if I like Glen Hansard’s new album. He’s one of my all time favorites but I’m currently of the opinion his new album is horrible however I am trying to convince myself otherwise.

I’m still stuck on Yellow and Green

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