Music on course, what say ye?

100% agree here, i’ve got some buddies who play wayyyy too loud when people are nearby so I think it’s all good as well as when you’re playing you are aware of your surrounding. When I play by myself I tend to play with earbuds in because it helps me focus, but I generally have a speaker playing low on my bag if i’m playing with buddies.


Music on the course doesn’t bother me. My group tries to keep music at a level only our group can hear. You shouldn’t be able to make out what the group on an adjacent fairway is playing in my opinion.

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We always have music on. All for it assuming it’s not loud enough to be intrusive to other groups. And since our course has a fair amount of distance between greens and tees it’s not an issue. It’s funny that when you’re used to having music playing on the course the times it’s actually distracting is the rare quiet time between songs or something that falls at the exact moment of your swing.

Our group is firm enough in this stance that if you play with us and actually complain about the music you’d simply not be invited to join us again. It’s similar only playing with guys that are up for a game - absolutely nothing against not wanting to gamble a little, but we’ll just invite those that are willing.


You excluded what is likely the most common position of “I’m totally indifferent to music on the golf course”.

Honestly when it comes to golf, I really could care less what other groups are doing as long as the respect the course and pace of play… don’t mind music at all, although I’m not the one who brings it (all for it when my playing partners want to put some tunes on). When playing music, should always try to keep it at a volume that would not be overly audible to others on the course.

Golf should be fun.


dang it…I actually searched for a topic…and didn’t find this. Merge away boys.

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Feel like in general everyone is on the same page in regards to this topic. Be aware of the situation and keep your music at a reasonable volume level and all is fine. If you are 100% anti-music on the golf course no matter the volume level, then I’m not sure what to tell you


Listening to music or a broadcast while making a stroke or for a prolonged period might assist the player in his play, for example, by eliminating distractions or promoting a good tempo. Therefore, the use of an artificial device to listen to music or a broadcast, whether or not through headphones, while making a stroke or for a prolonged period of time during a stipulated round is a breach of Rule 14-3.

In 2019 the Rule is relatively unchanged:

Not Allowed: - Listening to music or other audio to eliminate distractions or to help with swing tempo…

I’m not suggesting that most people (or even many) use it for those purposes. Just… be careful, as others might make that allegation.

hahah that is crazy…

I have never heard of someone complaining of music on the course because it’s stated in the rules as an aide. If the volume is that so it is only heard in your direct vicinity, then I don’t care, and prefer to do that myself if the course is not slammed.

Like @HoselAdjacent said, it’s all situational.

also agree with @HoselAdjacent that it is very situational.

When I am playing a new course or a course that I’m geeked up to experience, I generally will shy away. Additionally, when playing with someone for the first time or with someone I haven’t seen in a while & would prefer to catch-up and music would be a distraction in those cases I avoid tunes.

But when playing a casual round at my home club (especially weekday emergency 9’s walking by myself), I often go to my clip on booth tooth speaker. I agree with the comments that volume should be set so that someone on a another hole should not hear you & that when coming up to junctions (tees/greens be respectful).

The couple times a year when some buddies will seek out a dead period at the club & play a 3 club match or some kind of fun alternate format it is fun to blare away.

Again, all situational.

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100% agree that it is all situational. Just be aware of where you are, who you are playing with etc. I’m all for having music playing some rounds and my buddies and I will have some playing while we walk on our bluetooth speakers other times we prefer not to have any. I can’t think of one time though when I have ever heard blaring music from another group on my course, and there are tons of groups out there on the weekend with their own bluetooth speakers set up. I think @Macgolf expressed my sentiments better than I could ever had

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Yeah, this was the angle the folks trying to ban music were trying to go. But, I merely countered, “that’s ok, I won’t post any score from any time I’m playing music”. Rule only applies for rounds for posting or official USGA matches. I wouldn’t play in a situation where myself or my opponent were that serious.

Headphones on the range.

Bluetooth speaker in casual rounds at a volume only heard within 10 feet of my bag.

We will play music pretty loud in some groups i play with. None of the holes at my course are really next to each other, so its never able to be heard from another hole except on greens and tees, and if theres anyone close, we turn it down.

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Only if I’m playing Golden Tee.

As a member of The Push Cart Mafia I say yes music. Nothing better then listening to great music as you enjoy a round. I walk as often as possible and have no trouble keeping up with the cart brethren, plus music outdoors just feels right. Golf should and must be fun to play, a little music just adds to the vibe.

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I don’t like music on the course. Many of my friends like it. I just go with the flow. I don’t dislike it enough to complain.

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No speakers at the range, do whatever on the course as long as no other groups can hear it.

Depends on what you consider music. Your definition is different than mine. So I say wear earphones if have to have it. Next we will have scent diffusers on the carts. And then streaming video. Most casual rounds music is ok but I really don’t need the extra distraction. But golf is soon going the way of Bass Fishing anyway.