Music in Golf Carts - Thoughts? Pros? Cons?


Well caught. My douchiness on full display. Now fixed!


Tahoe Tweezer? Whoo!


I actually love listening to the Vikes while playing golf on a beautiful autumn afternoon in MN.


Paul Allen is the GOAT


I used to never listen to music on the course but in the last few years have often had some playing.

During a scramble or a friendly afternoon round I don’t have a problem with it as long as it isn’t so loud that it will interrupt others who don’t like it.

I can see how others don’t like it though. I was playing and there was a large outing also on the course and one of the carts had a huge boombox on it and was blasting music you could hear all over the course. One of the older guys who I was with 3 putted and lost it on them.


Volume is key. I was playing yesterday and we had music playing at a reasonable level. During my backswing on a par 3 a grounds guy drove over the hill while I was in my backswing. I struck the ball well but it was short, more of an issue with my game than grounds guy. The low din of the music helps me block out distractions that may happen on the course. My only issue is playing DJ, I’m terrible at that.


I play with people that like to listen to music on the course so it’s all relative, if you’re with people you’ve never met before they may not like what you listen too. With wireless earbuds now, just throw one in and listen on low so you can still talk with the people you get paired with and don’t come off as a dick that just shuts everyone out and listens to their music and doesn’t engage in conversation. One of my biggest problems with society is that it is somehow now acceptable to shelter yourself off(phone, headphones, etc) while being with a group of people, instead of learning about them and actually engaging in conversations.