Music in Golf Carts - Thoughts? Pros? Cons?


Maybe it’s because I’m not a music enthusiast in general, but I can’t stand it. That said, I’ve played rounds while listening to a football game in the fall, but I’m by myself on a mostly empty course. I wouldn’t pull that unless I’m playing with someone else who wants to listen to the game.


I like @Lazstradamus have recently used a clip on my bag for a bluetooth speaker. Especially late in the evenings it is really nice to play some music when there is no one else around. Personally, I do not mind music for practice and informal rounds, but I think there should be a rule that if you can hear it from another hole then the music is too loud. The silence of golf plays into its beauty and mystique and should be respected by those who do prefer music in my opinion.

Likewise, I think playing without music makes the solo rounds during early evenings with music more enjoyable. And the inverse is also true… playing with music will make playing without music even more beautiful. Really it is just about finding your balance and respecting others on the course.


If it’s good music then I love it (Notorious BIG, Hall & Oates and Sturgill Simpson are preferred).

If it’s shitty music (any new pop or rap) then it drives me nuts.

I used to hate it until everyone in the league started playing with music, then I started to like it after I realized it was not in fact sacrilegious to play music on the course and really had no impact on my score.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen those 3 names in the same sentence but I have them all on my golf playlist too.


I think you have to read your group.
I play alot during the week as a single
So it always depend in the group I join.
Younger I will ask if they are OK with the music.
Older 50 plus I usally will not ask
Just needs to be played so you can hear it in the cart either way. Not load enough to disturb someone else on the tee box


I don’t mind it as long as it’s not too loud. Some guys at our club play it loud enough to hear from a hole away.


Has to be 90’s era hip hop anything else is annoying or just won’t work with flow. Once in a while we will throw in some hardcore music but that is more of trying to get under my opponents skin


This is our group exactly. We play pretty fast but just standing around in silence drives me crazy when there isnt music anymore.


Wasn’t this the “Shark Experience” You know how Greg Norman was going to change golf as we know it? Lol


Entirely depends on the situation. If I’m playing at a private club or architectural gem via member invite, the thought wouldn’t even cross my mind. Just going to enjoy the walk, conversation, and golf course.

If I’m out with my boys and we’re drinking half a dozen beers/playing wolf, why not have music going. Just turn it off when you’re in proximity to other groups


Reviving this thread a bit - I love having some tunes going on the course. Have to be respectful of other groups but its a good relaxing tool. I think some folks get too involved in the “tradition” of everything…golf is supposed to be fun.


Hated it first cause it first came in with guys out to be loud and drink too much (and there for sure is a time and place for that).

But now if volume is cool and respectful I love and do it myself. It can make the day more enjoyable.


oldie but a goodie, PGA (now pros arguing over volume levels of some pre-round Drake. Welcome to the new age, the new age indeed.


Agree there is a time and a place for music.

At home, in the car, while working out, in shops and restaurants and bars.

But never on the golf course. Ever. If you tried it here in Australia you’d get laughed all the way home, and rightly so.


All for the Dead or Phish as long as you keep it on mute. everywhere.


Like most people said it’s situational. Keep the volume down, don’t bother your group or others. I have a clip on speaker for when I’m taking a solo loop at the end of the day by myself on the goat track muni or for a Saturday drink and giggle charity scramble.


Is this a tradition thing? Like, would they laugh you all the way home if you had headphones in as well? Or is it simply a noise disturbance to other golfers thing?
As a fan of the game, I love to see people enjoying themselves and getting the most out of their round. Music can be very effective in relaxing some people, I’m all for it.
The only people I will laugh all the way home are people that take themselves way to serious. I’m not out on the course chasing FedEx Cup points, I’m just trying to chill out and smash some long irons after a long days work.


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Thank you for hearing me out. Hopefully the optics of this post don’t reflect poorly on me.


C’mon now…Listening to an animated Paul Allen on the golf course is great.


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