Music in Golf Carts - Speaker Preference

I play a good bit of my golf after work when I am the only one in sight on the course. I listen to music and sports talk when I’m out there working on stuff. Find that it keeps me loose. If I’m playing with others I am indifferent and very conscious of other groups if mine does have something on the speaker.

I’m all about throwing on a Dead or Phish show while playing. As long as it stays on low volume I think it’s fine.


Good/long story on this topic … first time I was introduced to the whole concept of music while playing was at a charity event six years ago or so here in northern Virginia. I get invited to it at the last minute. I show up 5 min before the shotgun start. I meet two other guys waiting in the other cart who are in my group. Mid 50s white dudes. Big bellies. You can picture it.

The guy I’m playing with is not at the cart. I look at the bag tag and it says “Richard Dent.” My Mom is from Chicago and one of my earliest sports memories was cheering for the ‘85 Bears. A minute later I see LARRY Fitzgerald walk by.

Huh … I’m beginning to think it may be the real richard Dent. 10 minutes later Hall of Famer Richard Dent shows up. He’s not thrilled to be there, I would add.

We pull up to the tee. Mid 50s white dudes don’t even know who he is. Say hello, exchange pleasantries. Everyone is teeing off. HOFer then says to everyone — “I don’t play golf without my man Stevie.”

We listened to Stevie Wonder — loudly — for the next 5 hours in the cart together. Everything seemed right in the world too.

I Mostly play motown and old school R&B and hip hop ever since that day when playing.


There is a time and place.
Weekend afternoon, public course, slow round, sipping some beers…Music is a nice addition. Nothing crazy loud of course, just some nice background music.

On the other hand. Early morning tee time, dew on the grass, sun coming up over a beautiful golf course…Don’t you dare interrupt that holy moment with your Bluetooth clip-on.


Definitely situational. But it should never get in the way of another group. That rules out most of the walking courses where tees are close to each other. I play well with music, but I also play well with drinks. I certainly wouldn’t roll out to a friend’s nice course and start blasting Metallica.

It all depends on who the DJ for the group is. I can take it or leave it, but if you play some stupid catchy song, that’s going to get stuck in my head for four hours, we’ve got problems. It’s why I don’t listen to the radio on the way to the course anymore, because nothing ruins a round more than walking through the trees singing “Happy” by Pharrell for 18 holes. Trust me on this one.


Nothing better than Cornell '77 or a bakers dozen show on the course.

The best is when my playing partner asks “is this seriously the same song” after a three hole tweezer

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My rule of thumb: You should only be able to hear within like a 20 yard distance from the cart. I’m all for it, but more so as background noise.

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Nope. Just enjoy the peace and quiet. You can listen to music in the car, at work, at home. Just let the birds chirp.

I’d love to see the % of people that are all for it that also love Barstool. Im guessing high.


People have already sort of said this, but I think I like the idea of music in the golf cart more than in practice. Hypothetically it’s fun and provided you keep it at a reasonable level you’re not bothering anyone, but here’s the thing no one ever plays it at a volume that isn’t bothering other people. I have never heard someone playing music on the course and it not bothered me, it’s ALWAYS some jag off blasting music being loud as hell in an obnoxious manner. I’m of the opinion that you shouldn’t be impeding on anyone else’s enjoyment of their golf round and this is just one of those things that is hard to not do exactly that.


I find it calms the senses cause you aren’t disturbed by other noises.

Big fan of music on the course. What genre is played depends on the vibe of the group/day. I’m a 25 yo that plays with a group of guys (we normally have at 10-15 guys playing on saturdays and sundays) in their 40’s. I love older music so when I dj I’ve got the Rolling Stones, CCR and others of the like going. If we get into bonus golf you would hear some Dre and Snoop. We’re a pretty laid back group that has a money game every round we play and we drink too. Golf doesn’t have to be serious all the time, it’s supposed to be enjoyable so why not add something you enjoy to your experience on the course?


I used to really hate the idea of music but I have found it somewhat loosens me up. I won’t be the first to bring out the speaker or suggest music but I won’t be that guy in the group that opposes it. Saying that, I play basically all public courses and ride in a cart. If I’m playing at a private course and walking, likely to keep the speaker in the car and enjoy the walk.

Good volume test; walk about 10-15 yards away from your cart, if you can clearly hear the music it’s too loud.

Whatever genre you prefer is the genre to play. My group hears anything from country to hip-hop to 80’s rock.


Peeing in the bushes behind the teebox - Thoughts? Pros? Cons?

Situationally acceptable

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I’d go as far to say always acceptable


Can’t tell you the last time I’ve played a round of golf without music. Absolute must. Just have to regulate volume when around other groups.

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If you want to listen to music (which I often do when playing alone) just wear earphones – it’s pretty simple. I would never have music on while playing in a group, though, regardless of if they’re friends or randoms.

If there’s nobody around, use speakers I guess. But there’s no reason you should get to decide what other people have to hear while they’re out there.

I concur with you on this take

YES. Gotta skip over drums/space though.

The thing about Phish is that you could play the same song all day or hit shuffle and no one would be the wiser.

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