Music in Golf Carts - Speaker Preference

I used to be against music in golf carts but my buddies have slowly swayed me to be okay with it. I still cringe when they turn it up to 11 though.

What are your thoughts? Is it only appropriate in a golf outing? Is it cool during open play? Should we all be like Mark Wahlberg and wear AirPods?

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I love listening to music while playing. Not trying to hear some garbage pop or dance music on the course though.

Also, respect the grind and turn it down if your teebox is adjacent to a green or other teebox being used.


Fire up a little early 70’s dead and you are in business on the golf course


To piggyback on this suggestion, what else does everyone enjoy listening to on the course?

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Most of my friends are fiends for 80s rock but I have a couple of friends that (thankfully) have an ear for stuff from the streets.

I’ve started clipping a blue tooth to the bag. It’s great. Lately been listening to mostly Steely Dan, Tame Impala (Currents) and Band of Horses. Agree with @RiskReview a little Grateful Dead is a good option, particularly Bob Weir vocal tracks. “Jack Straw” sounds good on the course.


Jack Straw from Wichita? The one who cut his buddy down?


All depends on where you’re playing and with whom. For example: at home course/club = speaker typically on at a reasonable volume, as a guest = speaker always off unless asked to bring it out, at public track = blare that shit because everyone else is too.

edit to add: #situationalawareness
edit to also add: I also love playing without music, especially when walking or playing solo…so yeah #situationalawareness…guess I’m neither for/against music while playing in general


Hate it. I’m not a stickler for Golf purity or anything like that, just don’t need any more sensory overload than I’m already getting everywhere else I go.


I hate it. I particularly lose it when Proud Mary comes on, or heaven forbid, Jeremiah was a Bullfrog. One guy I know likes to play the Vikings games on the speakers while playing in the fall in MN. I say go home and watch the game. My concentration is fragile enough already!

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While thinking of a response to this, I think I realized it’s not the music itself, but the people playing it. For example, I was playing a round with my parents last year and there was a group of guys who were obnoxious by themselves, but were also playing music at obscene levels (props to their speakers I guess). But later we ended up playing through a group of mid 50’s guys who were also playing music, but at a respectable level (i.e. only they could hear it and they turned it off while we tee’d off).

So basically it’s a respect/decency thing more than anything. (and for the record, I never play with music. Prefer to be alone with my thoughts and nature on the course)


Ahhhh… WTAF? You heathens play golf listening to music? Like, it’s a regular thing? That’s mental.

I’m played golf for over 30 years in the UK and have never once heard a single bit of music on a golf course. I’ve never even heard a person singing. Closest we get is a wedding in the barn when we come down the 9th at my place and hearing a little background music filtering out the door as we walk by. Never on thee course.

Can’t believe this is a regular, somewhat popular thing in the US. Can’t tell you if I would enjoy it or not to be honest.


What news…I’d expect a quartet follows the right and honourable @The_Cad_Says around his exclusive club, but we now know he plays accompanied only by the song of nature.
Should you ever find yourself playing a public course with the hoi polloi of the working class, you’ll be introduced to another side of the game. A side that has beer served in cans (a dozen for $25-plastic bag of ice included) and people listening to crude American music by bands known as Toto and Lynrd Skynrd. You see, on weekends when the workingman actually has a chance to escape and play, he finds himself surrounded by other like-minded labourers who all descend on the same day, forcing 6-hour rounds. The music helps temper the long delays.

Go back to your parlour for more snooker and leave the musical thread to those of us who didn’t inherit titles and large tracts of land. You know nothing of our struggle.


Im always listening to music—-I even play guitar in a metal band——but don’t want any part of it on the course. It’s fine if others do—-I just enjoy the silence too much

Awful. No, never. It’s not a barbecue or a road trip. Leave the music to off the course

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I dont like it, but don’t tell anyone because all my friends play music when we play. Don’t wanna be the stick in the mud and it doesn’t bother me quite enough to make an issue. When I’m playing bad though it can really grind my gears.

I’d say get rid of the golf carts and then the people playing music are more likely to be respectable.

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If I’m taking a cart there will be music and beers, I’m out there to have fun. Also the only time airpods or headphones should be worn is if you go out as a single at like 7:30 at night, any other time is completely inexcusable


No problem with it. I don’t often toss it on unless it’s me and the lady ripping around in the evening

I’ll throw in some earphones if I’m going out as a single, especially now that I have some Bluetooth ones. But I’ll take them out if I’m approaching anyone else on the course. Have some friends who like to bring speakers for carts at a respectable volume and I don’t mind it, but wouldn’t bring one myself.