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Thought I’d create a new thread that’s separate from the music thread to discuss new (or old) music since that thread is more about suggestions and having fun with the themes each day, week, month, etc.

If anyone wants to participate, @RobbieVogel and I are gonna have a chat about the new The 1975 album (that releases tonight) in here. If anyone wants to jump in, give the thing a listen tonight, tomorrow, or this weekend.



Not to derail this excellent thread right off the bat, but I’d love to table this (corporate speak) new Paste article for another time. It ruined my day, but would love to chat through it sometime.

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You’re good! Feel free to discuss and critique any music in here. It’s an open forum after all!

I’m gonna sleep on it before I spit hot fire takes on an indie folk album ranking.

Looking forward to The 1975 record tomorrow as well.

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Warning: it’s out there and experimental. The band stated a bunch it would be very UK House/Electronic heavy. Best listening: At night

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looking at the top 3 albums, i am going to guess i am in a similar age group to the list writer!

Only glanced at the top 10 and some great albums in there, nice to see Nick Drake get a mention.

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Let me know when y’all do a hip hop album :+1:


What TGT said.

I’ve been having internal debates lately about Jay Z’s discography and how not only the albums, but the individual songs stack up against one another and I would very much be here for a deep dive into a conversation on that. Providing there’s enough Refugees who dig Hova’s work.

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Probably not gonna be Jay-Z for me as I’m not the biggest fan. Like a lot of it but not the whole catalog. But I’ll do some listening to study up.

God, Bon Iver sucks.


Some very good albums listed here, but ranking Winter of Mixed Drinks by Frightened Rabbit ahead of their previous album, Midnight Organ Fight, has me raging this morning.

I’m also looking forward to 1975 new record - followed them closely since day 1 due to playing football for several years with Matty Healy’s cousin.


This list has a lot of recency bias (very few pre 2000 albums)

Happy to see the Sunday’s on this list. Harriet Wheeler has an amazing voice, and I loved that album in middle school.

They have 2 Avett Brothers entries which is good. One I can see being on this list (Emotionalism), and 1 that isn’t in their top 5 albums (I and Love and You). They should have put in Mignonette or 4 Thrives Gone instead of I and Love and You.

Beck Sea Change is a heck of an album, though I think the super weird Mutations that came out during his height of fame is a better listen.

Also when Bon Iver made it big, there was talk about how he lived in Raleigh right before making Emma and Forever Ago and no one remembering him from his time on the scene.

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He’s a better producer than songwriter, which leads me back to my beef with this list.

The omission of Kathleen Edwards from this list is criminal. (Justin Vernon produced her record Voyageur, which is a perfect record imo)

Key snippet from the article linked above:

…and I could add 4-5 artists from the Paste ranking to Paul Roper’s statement and it’d still be true.

Some will say that she’s more “country” than indie folk, but I would disagree and say she’s squarely in the indie folk genre. Much more so than several artists who ranked on this list. ie: Punch Brothers, Civil Wars, The Lone Bellow, Hayes Carll, Carolina Chocolate Drops, etc…

I think they could’ve done a better job of defining their criteria up front. Indie folk is hard to define, but at least try.

I do agree with a major portion of the list, so they did get some right. I originally opened the page and expected Bright Eyes to be in the top spot, so was relieved to see that wasn’t the case. So I saved the expense of replacing a smashed phone.

I do also agree with Sufjan at number one. Like him or not, he epitomizes the genre they were ranking.

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Grizzly Bear all the way down at 53 is disgusting.

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I love Sea Change and think it was a good pick, but I do think they got several artists right, but the wrong records.

Gillian Welch for example. (should she be on this list? questionable for the genre) Time (The Revelator) would’ve been my pick.

Andrew Bird: Should’ve been Armchair Apocrypha

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Bon Iver is Andrew WK for sad people.

Don’t ask me to explain this further.

(Edit: This is not negative critique of Andrew WK. I love him dearly.)


I can’t believe Jeff Buckley’s Grace was left off this list unless they decided he’s not in this category.

That album was so much better than the vast majority of what’s on the list. Him dying young didn’t immortalize him, it just made people forget him which is a shame, because he was a hell of a songwriter and singer.

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I remember the exact place, time, and setting when my friend Tyler told me about Jeff Buckley. I became pretty obsessed with Grace that year.

I think that’s the main problem with the Paste list. It’s a difficult genre to define.

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Grace was prominent in the soundtrack of a few of my breakups in the mid to late 90s. That part in “So Real” when he says “I Love You, but I’m Afraid to Love You” the 2nd time around 2:30 in is gutting if you are in a melancholy state of mind.


I think this is an inherent problem with any list trying to quantify the subjective.