MrVinegar Is Endorsing The Corgi

I, Matthew Essig, aka MrVinegar, am announcing my campaign for Refuge President in (the second half of) 2020, along with my VP running mate, @jimithng23 .

You may call me by either you prefer. You can read about why both are actually my name here:

The three main points of my platform:

  1. Less is more.

I’m of the belief that the Refuge is in its best place with the hands-off approach. I’ve already had multiple people reach out to me saying that they are “out” on the election. Why? Because it’s a dumb shtick gone too far. As Refuge president, I will make my office as hidden as possible and keep as much of the status quo as possible, only tinkering little things that doesn’t affect the overall experience, for example:

  1. Create an Introductions section.

When a new person joins the refuge, they would be suggested to visit the Introductions section. There will be at least two threads in the section, maybe more based on feedback.

The first is an introduction thread where new Refugees are encouraged to introduce themselves and a dialogue can take place with people asking questions to get to know each other better. This happened in the Nest thread recently with someone posting for the first time in the Refuge as a Nest member, and I think more of it could only be beneficiary.

The second would be the Refuge Index. The Refuge Index thread is a place where new Refugees, or experienced, can ask if a topic has a thread already, and people can steer them to the correct thread if it already exists.

  1. Recognize the existing Refuge power structure.

There is already a Refuge Supreme Court, so the NLU gents, @Randy, @Tron, @djpie, @MerchCzar, and @Soly, would not be striking down stuff as the “Courts.” In the NLU/Refuge government, the NLU boys would be Congress. They’ve heard from their constituents and seen the Census data. They will write the bills, and I’ll make into law or veto them with consideration of public opinion.

Post Limit

Who thinks that’s a good idea? Let the Refuge breathe at its own pace. Was it moving really fast a month ago? Of course, but there were a lot more Refugees sitting at home with nothing to do then. I think @McSchvantz can rest easy knowing that the Refuge is settling back down with Refugees back playing golf, and there will be fewer extreme loads.

There’s already a limiter on no more than 3 posts in a row in any thread. I think that’s all that is necessary. If someone has a problem with Nandy posting too much, I’m cool with bullying him about it again, and Nandy can bully back.


My Department of Moderation will be non-existent. I was up late last night after trivia chatting with @RobertHunter about how the Refuge might have the least amount of moderation he’s ever seen on a message board. Yet, that is one part that he loves the most about it, and I can’t agree more. For the most part, we all get along pretty well. Will there be a time or two @Randy needs to step in? Sure, same as always. If you truly have a problem with someone, I can confirm the mute function is effective in non-extreme load times.

Thread Title Changes

I believe that thread title changes are crucial to understanding what you are getting yourself into in a thread, along with having a high ceiling of comedic value that would be lost if thread title changes were banned. The ability to change thread titles would stay.


As one of the biggest users of likes, I believe that the recent bump up in the number of likes has left us at the perfect quantity of likes per day. Shout out again to @McSchvantz for his work, again.

Statement from VP running mate, @jimithng23

“I’m honored to be a part of the campaign of the status quo. I’m also just here so I won’t get fined.”

Closing Statement

Just let the Refuge be. It’s a golf message board. Just let it continue to be an internet hobby escape. It’s at its best as a high quality community, one where some are making real friends. I wouldn’t want to ruin that. I’ll be in the spotlight far more as Refuge Trivia Host than Refuge president. Having an official Presidential seal used in a profile picture might be the dumbest thing the NLU gents have ever come up with.



MrVinegar is endorsed by the PNW RACDG, the Zoom Crew, the Trivia Party, the Status Quo Club, individuals “out” on this dumb election shtick, and the Dense and/or Butthurt super PAC.


I didn’t read anything past this.

Edit: now I have. And “the election is dumb” doesn’t align with “leave the refuge the way it is”


Seems like a tough demo to count on


Says the guy biased as hell and deep in the shtick after being appointed last year

So you acknowledge and validate the appointment


Got real excited seeing a “likes” section. Let down to see “perfect quantity”.

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I’m all for having as many viable candidates as possible. Just pointing out a possible flaw in your strategy is all. At the end of the day, i’m running because i believe i can better the Refuge. If a better candidate comes along, thats good for everyone.

One question for the candidate…

Would you play Torrey Pines if you didn’t have to pay the green fee?


I’ve got a plan in the works as far as likes are concerned. Still workshopping the idea, but when the time comes, i think youll appreciate it.

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Yes, I would play the North course if I didn’t have to pay the green fee

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Ask yourself Refuge, do you want a President to be this “woke”?

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Mr. Vinegar -

GOLFPass here. Your platform pushes the status quo for the message board, however the recent Census data suggests otherwise from your constituents? Care to comment?

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And the South?

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Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 10.53.36 AM

I am deep in the like use, too. Are there still days I max out? Of course. Should I have liked as many as I did? I look back and think I could have used my likes better most of the time


Tough but fair. I like where this is going.


If it’s new Refugees thinking the Refuge is too big and having trouble finding a place to get started, I believe I address that with my second point involving an Introductions section.

If it’s Refugees thinking the place moves too quick, I am of the mindset that you shouldn’t be trying to follow every thread anyway. Find the threads you enjoy the most and make sure to stay caught up with those. Often times, you aren’t missing much, especially in the COVID threads.

If there is additional data that the NLU gents have from the Census that suggests another concern should be addressed, then I will do the necessary research when it presents itself.


Situational dependent

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Your consistency and honesty on this controversial issue is commendable.


I’m gonna side with my guy here. I don’t really see anything majorly wrong with the Fuge as is. Sure some things get out of hand from time to time. They are usually cleared up fine. Internet elections are dumb.