Moving to Austin TX - Where to Play

Just did this for lunch a few minutes ago. Was quick to pick up and as delicious as ever.

If you are in Austin, I say now is the perfect time to take advantage of the ease of access to Franklin. Probably gonna make it a weekly order for the next few weeks.

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Just picked up Franklin’s today as well! Was delicious!


Not club or course related but my best advice:

When the Dell Match Play comes back to ACC, make sure you have tickets for the Wednesday rounds. Best PGA tour experience ever.

Get there early, watch the range, follow some players and have a great time. The food and drinks are 2nd only to Zurich Classic.

The crowds are so thin on Wed of the tournament. I got to meet Phil, meet and walk with Bubba’s wife ( she is actually cool), talk with a rules official (the one with the cool lip hair) and walk the entire course with 1 group and then have plenty of time to do anything else you want.

The players are super relaxed and interacting with the very few fans there.

Also, be careful where you decide to live in relation to your work. Austin traffic sucks but the town is some damn amazing, vibrant, colorful and hip. Love it when I “have” to work there!!

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I am headed (hopefully, COVID willing) to a wedding the first week in August and I have a tee time booked at Fazio Foothills (the wife got it for me for Father’s Day) and wanted to get an idea of what I am in for there (7 HDCP, drives the ball pretty straight but inconsistent with wedges) for anyone that has played it. Also, I am between Wolfdancer and Lions Muni for my second round while I am there if anyone has any strong opinions.

Muni and Wolfdancer are apples and oranges. Muni is short and tight, with lots of doglegs and lots of small trees. Also lots of history. Conditions won’t be great in August, as the Bermuda will go dormant and it gets a TON of rounds due to its convenient location.

Wolfdancer has no history and a much higher price tag. It’s a big sprawling course, well out in the country. Should be in good condition, though I haven’t played it in August. I like the layout a lot, but what do I know.

If you are staying in town or out West, driving out to Wolfdancer will add 1.5-2 hours to your round versus Muni.

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The timing of our trip has changed so instead of Fazio Foothills I am now playing on Coore Crenshaw Cliffs. Coore Crenshaw looks less interesting (than FF), seems to have little to no trouble around greens but seems like a tight driving course (all this is based on Google Earth). Would seem like if you are playing from the fairway it is a pretty tame course, which is great for me. Wanting to see if anyone can second this or if I am way off-base here. Also, looks like a lot of 3Ws and hybrids to stay out of jail on a lot of the holes.

Prefer the Crenshaw course. The greens are tons of fun and very deceiving. Fairways are pretty generous.


Right now, foothills is the best of the bunch as it went through a modest redo of bunkers, sodding, etc. around 18 months ago. I prefer Canyons for the layout but it’s a tossup between the two, both are great Fazio designs. Crenshaw is interesting but architecture/quality of holes does not matchup to the other two courses IMO. Played them all in late May. I’m an 8 hdcp btw.

I moved out of Austin about a year ago and played mostly at Morris Williams. give it a look for your round in town and forget about Wolfdancer unless you are staying out there. Lions is great fun, course conditions are typically not good but it’s a good vibe, might be gone in a few years and perfect for a wedding day to go mess around with golfers of various levels.

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I am moving there is December. Coming from a course with ProV1s as range balls (low handicap privilege and private club privilege in spades) I am curious what is in Austin. My first inclination is Austin Golf Club, ACC and Barton are overpriced by a mile, other course seem somewhat uninteresting. AGC doesn’t even have a website.

ACC is a ten year wait last I heard. Can’t remember the costs associated with Barton, but I would assume they will be in the $700 per month range if not a bit more. Maybe @TB3Golf can enlighten us on AGC but I’m guessing it’s an invite only place. UT club is nice enough I guess but will be expensive.

Do you know what part of town you’ll live in?


AGC is 100% invite only and extremely selective. Far from overpriced as it’s some of the best golf you’ll play in the state. If you’re looking for something that’s not “overpriced” I’d check out twin creeks or great hills.


Old guy for this post, member at ACC. Lots of great, affordable golf in the area, so where you join depends mostly on where you live and what you care about. ACC, AGC are great golf clubs, but hard to get in. Omni BC has 3 courses in town that are decent, but you’ll be competing with resort guests. If you live way west (near Bee Cave), look at Spanish Oaks, Lakeway (the Hills and Flintrock are decent Nicklaus courses and affordable), BC Lakeside and Lakecliff (cheaper and way better than public golf if you live far west).
If you live in Steiner Ranch, UTGC would be your choice. It’s just okay.
Closer to central, truly affordable, but flawed would be Great Hills, Onion Creek, Lost Creek, Balcones. Farther out would be Twin Creeks (Cedar Park).
Public golf is decent and cheap in Austin. The Munis are all good. Kiser and Clay (SE), MoWillie(E, and formerly Texas’ home course through the 80s)) and Lions Muni (central) are cheap and fun; Grey Rock (S) is owned by city, semi-private, more expensive, but good. On the “fringes” of town, Forest Creek (Round Rock), Avery Ranch (far NW), Star Ranch (Hutto), Wolf Dancer (Bastrop), Falcon Head (Bee Cave) are the best daily fees.
There’s plenty of others that “don’t suck.” And a few that do. Unless you try for ACC or AGC, my advice would be to play around town until you decide where you’ll live and what you like. It’s fun to explore golf in a new town.
Finally, don’t sleep on Hancock, a 9 holer in Hyde Park, just north of UT. If you like golf history, it’s part of the original ACC course, and you can experience golf as it may have been in the early 1900s
for about $10 (with better equipment).


I have my resume ready for my last club and Tara Iti experience! Div 1 college golf hopefully will help

I don’t know yet. I don’t think ACC is my vibe. Looking for a pure golf experience where the main slogan is “no assholes”. Tough to find at private clubs, my current club (Aldarra) is close.

Gool luck with the no assholes bit. Might suggest moving anywhere else in Texas if that’s what you’re looking for.

If there is one thing Austin has an abundance of besides homeless people and traffic it’s assholes.



Pretty sure they’ve capped the membership or are close to it. They lost one or two this year and took three or four. You’ll also need a six figure check to clear. Not trying to discourage you, but I’d seriously look elsewhere.

Just @ me next time

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This is a great breakdown

Be on the Westlake or LT golf team and you can play all the sick courses.


I already tagged you once and saw you were responding. Hurling a bomb directly at you.

In all honesty though most of the clubs in Austin are un-pretintious at least my experiences at all of them have been.

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