Moving to Austin TX - Where to Play

I am moving to Austin next summer and am looking for where to call (golfing) home. Does anyone have strong recommendations (or places to avoid)?

Unfortunately, I know very little about the golfing landscape in Austin, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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are looking to join a club or play rounds at daily fees? what part of town are you going to live in?

I played the UT Golf Club a couple of months back while I was in town and enjoyed it a lot! Sounds like it’s a pretty reasonable membership according to the members they paired me with.

If you’re looking at live in Steiner Ranch, that’s the place you would want to join. if you’re not living near there…traffic can be a challenge since it only has one way in and out. UTGC has a good membership, lots of kids if you have a family. The appeal of their practice area and new short course are big. I don’t find the course to be that enjoyable (my opinion only) but there are definitely some good holes. I know quite a few members out there and a have a few transplants from there.

I guess it just depends on where you’re going to live, what your price point is, and what you’re looking to get out of your club…golf, amenities, pace of play, family friendly, other activities, etc.


Thank so so much for the reply. I will take a look at UTGC.

As far as some more details, to the extent they are helpful: Debating living downtown or out in Mueller (married, no kids planned for the next several years) but open to feedback here. I have no desire for the typical club amenities as I am really just looking for a place to play/practice and maybe find a weekend foursome. Private would be modestly preferred if it means better access to tee times / pace of play / practice facilities. As I am sure is the case with everyone here, golf is by far my biggest hobby, so happy to pay a premium to have a great course. Practically this means I would be fine paying an initiation fee and monthly dues.

If you’re just looking for a casual round, Wolfdancer is just outside of town and is beautiful. Tough course too, but typical resort style (located at the Hyatt Lost Pines).


If you are going to live downtown or in Mueller, UTGC is going to be a total nightmare of a drive. Would advise against that.

All the clubs you are describing are on the west side of town so it’s best to live out there. Find where you’ll work then where you’ll live, then look for a club close to both. You aren’t going to want to navigate a lot of traffic unless you are a total sicko.

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Yeah, where is your office? Mueller is a great area but I wouldn’t recommend it if you have to drive out to 360 every day

We live close to Mueller and rented an apartment there while our house was being remodeled. Would be interested in living there, but we’re kind of invested in the current house now. Mueller has a lot going for it, just depends on if what it has is what you want. What it has is lots of mixed use, lots of walkability and a tremendous community vibe. Things it doesn’t have are trees, hills, yards and conservatives. Good luck finding a house for sale there - most get multiple overprice offers and often don’t even get listed.

If you end up in that area, you’re right next to Morris Williams - a decent (but only decent) muni with limited practice areas.

If you like the suburban vibe, look at the Circle C area and the Greyrock course membership.

The best membership deal is probably the TerraVista/AveryRanch/Falconhead combination platter. I personally don’t care for the courses that much, but many golfers like them a lot.

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Not to hijack this thread but if anyone in Austin wants to join me tomorrow at Wolfdancer I have a tee time at 10am. DM me I got it for super cheap!

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I would strongly recommend checking out Onion Creek Club. I have been a member for 3+ years now and it has definitely gotten better with age. The course is 27 holes and is a great challenge. I think one thing about this place besides the reasonable membership is their practice areas. Large putting green, large chipping area, and decent range. The three nines are all challenging in their own respective ways. There are so many large mature trees and its just in great shape right now. The amenities are getting better as well. They were just bought by Arcis Golf who is one of the largest if not largest private golf club portfolio’s out there. It gives you access to Dominion CC, River Place CC, Twin Creeks CC, and others in the area. DM me if you want more info. Thanks

Seems like you know a handful of clubs in the Austin area so perhaps you can help here!
Also in process of relocation (currently postponed another 60 days with current health situation) Considering Lakeway (CCA member in Dallas area, transfer would be easy.)
On the north side and likely where I suspect we will find our residence is Cimarron in Georgetown. I played Cimarron a dozen years ago but haven’t found much in recent reviews, etc. Both clubs offer Nicklaus layouts which is good. Could you compare the two? I know Lakeway has four courses but it seems only two are worth writing about. Would be grateful for any input!

The Hills is decent…two course. I actually like Flintrock better than the other course. Lost Creek is also a ClubCorp property. I would actually consider it before The Hills.

I teach a handful of people who have joined at Lost Creek and loooove it.

Lakecliff on Lake Travis is ~20-25 mins from Lakeway and has a good deal for membership. $400 a month and no initiation over 35. Have to feel there are going to be a bunch of deals at clubs in the next year.

I’m only here to ask whether Franklin BBQ is really all that. It looks incredible but does the product live up to the hype?

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I will say that I really enjoyed Franklin’s the one time I had it… I refuse to wait in line for it. Franklin’s allows a limited amount of people to place an online order one day of the month. I think it’s the first Tuesday of the month at 9am or something. Friend of mine placed a huge order and invited a bunch of people over to eat.

TLDR: it’s good, but in my personal opinion it’s not worth waiting in line for several hours for.


Franklin is all online during COVID-19, so you can order online and pick up in your car to go. Reminds me we have a gift card there…


@FishNChips12 has the answers you need in this department

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The product does live up to they hype. BUT there are 10 other BBQ joints in Austin that are as good, if not better, as Franklin’s with less wait and better sides. I’d recommend someone go to Stiles Switch, Valentina’s, Brotherton’s, Rollin Smoke, Leroy & Lewis, la BBQ, and Moreno BBQ before I would send someone to Franklin’s.