Most Overpriced Golf Courses


I look at those courses as a 1 and done and don’t ever go back.




I don’t use Uber, on principle.


Your a big union guy?


I’m kind of with @The_Cad_Says on this. More and more people using Lyft around Los Angeles these days. If company culture and treatment of people matters- and you believe your dollars support it- it’s worth looking into. FWIW I use both and am shocked at how different the pricing can be.

Getting back on topic: I’m thinking Monarch Beach which left me with the same taste in my mouth as Half Moon Bay- 2 good holes, 16 blah holes. But they charge you for 18 great holes of golf.


No I just don’t like saving money. Plus I’m a Luddite.


We-Ko-Pa definitely worth it


Ya I didn’t put We-Ko-Pa on the list… it’s pricey but worth it!!


Playing both wekopa tracks in April, cannot wait.


I paid $350ish for TPC Sawgrass back in 2011, it was worth every penny. The experience was fantastic and the entire course was great, not a bad hole there IMO.


Based on my username, you can tell which course I played but I’ve heard Cholla is also very good. Enjoy the trip!


TPC Deere Run = overpriced/rated


Really? I played it about 5-6 years ago and it was about $60 if I remember right, and a blast to play. I may have gotten a twilight rate now that I think about it but I remember being shocked at the price.


I played it last summer and it was just over $100, if I recall correctly. I’d classify it more as over rated than over priced. Maybe it was the group I was with giving it a bit too much hype?


I agree with @Soly … $100 to play the track that hosts the 5th major is a steal


$51-85 booking through their site does not seem unreasonable by any means


Reynolds Plantation courses in Georgia. Was looking with some friends for the week of the masters and was blown away by these prices.

The Oconee | $280 - $330
Great Waters| $245 - $295
The National and The Landing | $225-$245
The Preserve | $200 - $ 229

Yes it’s their peak+ week of season and yes they have some pretty pictures on their website but no way these courses are worth anywhere near that. The prices are still very steep in season for the non masters weeks as well.


Kind of agree here, the North course is by far the most fun, but I remember more of the South holes. Could be just seeing it on TV for so long. *Full disclosure, we go every year and play all the courses, after a while the South has grown on me.


Played both Torrey and Bethpage last summer as a walk-up single on a Friday. Fairly easy to get out on both.

Bethpage - $130
Torrey - $144

LIRR to Bethpage and uber… pretty easy to go play perhaps the toughest public course in the country. Good luck.


I heard they’ve just announced a new online booking system, which should make things easier. Though I haven’t yet checked to see if foreigners can avail of the system.


There’s a fine print on the Sawgrass site that says it’s CPO all year there, no matter what. Kind of sucks. I’d rather play Amelia Island.