Most Overpriced Golf Courses


tpc scottsdale is nowhere close to worth it if the stands are not up.


Yes the sending a fax is antiquated, but you’re seriously screwing yourself form a great (and relatively inexpensive) course because of that.


I’ve had the chance to play Ferry Point with a pretty generous hook up price wise, so I have a different perspective on the place. It was in immaculate shape, and the course was pretty playable. It had decently wide fairways and you could get around without your best stuff.

The best holes have great views of the bridge and the NYC skyline. I was impressed with the service and professionalism of the staff, it definitely felt like being at a private club. I enjoyed my round, but couldn’t say I would return instantly if I had to shell out around $250 for full price. I believe the club house is currently being built.

I live close enough to FP that I could play it whenever I want. However, I’d probably make it a once a season thing. I’m content with courses that are equally tough or almost equally maintained with a fraction of the price tag.


Basically every course in the Myrtle Beach area. Luckily they have some good rates for locals. I understand wanting to cash in on the buddies golf trip market but the amount of cookie cutter courses with houses lining every hole that charge $100 during peak season is outrageous.


I don’t think any other course is more in need of a tree removal program than Firestone South. The North is much more memorable.


I’m not sure a tree removal would help that course. The routing is vapid. Up and down the hill, back and forth, with pinched landing areas and no memorable holes, save for maybe 3 and 16. I just don’t know why anyone would pay to play it, when there is so much good golf to be found elsewhere in Ohio.


For anybody in the Wisconsin/Chicago area - Whistling Straits will run an October “special” with golf/caddie/tip running $300 total. Still pricey for most but a better option if you can pick and choose a good weather day. Obviously must be somewhat local. Course is still green and good shape at that time.


I think you could significantly widen it and be more creative with greens surrounds with removal.


But you are correct, there are much better courses available, like heading across the street to the North.


Torrey Pines South hands down! If you are a local it’s an awesome deal, but an outsider paying over $200 to play identical long par 4’s with views that are not that spectacular is painful. Glad I marked it off my list, but I will never pay/play there again. Maybe I was expecting Pebble, but it wasn’t even close to that.


Couldn’t agree more - except that peak season rates are over $200 now. I’ve played it twice in corporate tourneys and would never consider paying my own money to play it. There are much better courses in the area for half the price.
On a completely unrelated note - I hate that they continually have the Canadian Open at Glen Abbey. I understand logistically there aren’t many other options, but it’s just such a forgettable track considering what else is out there in Canada (Radium, cabot etc)


Yeah I played Torrey South in March and wasn’t that impressed. I loved the location and set up. It’s pretty easy to get in which is sorely difficult in most other well known US courses. But it’s such a wasted opportunity.

But compared to other PGA Tour / US Open venues I didn’t think $200 was that objectionable.

What are the better local tracks, just so I know in future? I’m in LA a lot and it’s hard to get any kind of decent game there as a walk on.


Sawgrass is my #1 for this dubious list. Plus it was cart path only when we played in perfect weather. I think that’s almost always the case. Dye Course at French Lick would be up there as well but luckily I got comp’ed. Not a Dye fan in general but especially don’t like paying big $$$ to play his tricked up tracks.


Another vote for Torrey south here. Just got back from guys trip it was 256$ plus a 45$ “booking fee” wtf. Plus cart looking at about 320$. And the range is garbage! We all agreed never again. Also played maderas on the trip only cost 110$ With cart and free range balls. Place was ridiculously pure, with far more interesting holes than Torrey. Lots of elevated tee shots, uphill par 5s, etc. I can’t reccomend Maderas enough.


I played Bethpage last summer. It was actually incredibly easy to get on. I’m not sure what you mean by the fax thing? I scanned my license and application and emailed it over, was verified within a week and got tee times at the Black and the Red no issue. The phone system was easy as well. It’s really the bet value on the East Coast as I think I dropped under $300 for a weekend of greens fees there as an out-of-stater.

I’m slightly biased with Torrey since I lived out there and had the resident card to spot me $75 rounds on the south. But at $250 on weekends being able to walk up as a single before 8am is a great deal.


Pebble. I played last May and it cost $570 + caddie fee and we had to pay $1,000 per night for 2 nights to get on. So you’re taking $2,300 or so,for the round. For all that I expected excellent service but it was awful. First of all they upgraded 3 out of 4 in our party to the Lodge but one of us had to stay on our own at the Inn. Then my caddie walked off after 8 holes with exhaustion. They refused to send out another so I had to carry for the last 10 holes. I then had trouble getting my money back from them for this. Finally, I had left my spikeless shoes with the pro shop whilst I played in golf shoes. I got back to find they’d rented them out to a Japanese golfer and I had to wait an hour for him to finish so I could get them back. The course was quite good with amazing views but it is no way top 10 in the world or worth the price.


They may have upgraded the fax system at Bethpage (it was ridiculous). Or it may be different for foreign nationals (I live in the U.K.). I’d still love to play it at some point.


@muttleygolf yikes… I’ve heard this type of feedback on Pebble quite a bit. I really REALLY want to do a trip out there and make the rounds at some of the awesome public courses but don’t think I can justify the cost. The 2 night lodging requirement really turns this into a deal breaker for me. One day I’ll suck it up and bit the bullet. They know they have a once in a lifetime type product and milk it for all its worth (As they should).


Completely agree on Dye at French Lick. I took a trip there last fall and once you get over the amazing views at the Dye course, the golf is not that interesting. I agree with the “tricked up” label. I was very impressed with the Donald Ross course and enjoyed those rounds much more. The greens were crazy, mostly in a good way and the layout was much more subtle and interesting. My only complaint with the Ross course was most par 3s were about the same distance 215+ yards, except 16 which was a great shorty.

This one may be less well known compared to The Ocean Course, but Turtle Point at Kiawah Island is by far the worst course there with forced, gimmicky holes along the ocean, just so they can say they have ocean views.


Why didn’t you try an uber???