Most Memorable Tournaments for You


Seeing the commercials for the '99 Open Championship (very excited for this) got me thinking about which tournaments stick out to me as the most memorable in my time as a fan:

  • 97 Masters - obvious reasons

  • 99 Open Championship - again, obvious

  • 09 Open Championship - grew up in KC, so I’m a big Tom Watson guy. I’m too young to have witnessed his prime, so this one was special and heartbreaking.

What are yours?


09 Open for sure. Grew up in KC as well, played on a high school team that got the great privledge of practicing at KCCC. Tom was there a lot and that fall gave us arecap of that tournament while playing 9 holes with six of us. Memorable is an understatement.


'98 US Amateur at Oak Hill. I was just a kid at my first ever real tournament, and I was walking alongside Sergio, Matt Kuchar, Hank Kuehne, and Aaron Baddeley. It was awesome to get right up next to them and basically walk the fairways.


2008 US Open. The playoff especially.
2009 Open. I’ll never forget watching a golf tournament and feeling like the Denver Broncos just lost the Super Bowl on a Hail Mary.
Every Masters from 10-13. Each of them were so good in their own unique way.
2015 US Open. The pure carnage and destruction the last several holes was amazing.
2016 Open. Closest thing I’ll ever get to Duel in the Sun, and it was remarkable to behold.


I wish I could say '86 Masters!

For me:
'97 Masters
'99 The Open
'08 US Open
'09 The Open
'12 Masters
'13 US Open
'14 PGA Championship
'15 US Open
'16 The Open

Oh, and the
'08, '10, '12, '14, and '16 Ryder Cups!!!


2000 PGA
01 Masters
03 Players
08 US Open
08 Ryder Cup
13 British
14 PGA
15 US Open


Outside of the obvious, experiences that stuck with me:

1998 Masters - just think, for a decent size of the current golf fan population, this tournament represents their entire exposure to Nicklaus making a run at a major.
2007 Masters - But just the 1st hole. If there was ever an award for “Greatest Ejector”, the 1st hole in 2007 wins it. Doubles and triples everywhere in the final round, I think it was something like 0 pars in the last 4 groups on Sunday.
1998 US Open - the ultimate “The USGA has their head up their ass” tournament. If you think the last few years were bad, go look up what they did to the 18th green in 1998.
2002 Players - such a ridiculous series of hole-outs to finish that tournament.


The 2011 Santa Monica Wiffle Ball Classic.
While not a tribute to the military, it was no less American and patriotic.
If you know Santa Monica you know nobody is really from here, we’re all transplants. You can imagine the nerves when our first game was against a team made up of Philadelphia bros- a city known for legendary wiffle ball. My curve was on point that day and not only did we shut them out, but I threw a no-hitter in the process.
I will never forget.