Moisture Management


Playing an association event tomorrow during which we will be subjected to the scattered thunderstorm lottery. So I’m going through my existing 5-year-old-or-so raingear to see if I’ve got everything, and if not, I’m headed to the PGA Tour Superstore for re-outfitting.

I have questions, like: where do you get the velcro bands you put around your legs to keep from walking on the back of your rain pants?, and does anybody have a rain gear that’s not the equivalent of a hefty bag that they like?

Thanks in advance for the discussion.


I just had a tournament that was in a total shtstorm. Rain gear was crucial. Here’s what you 100% need in order of importance:
1- Rain gloves (once they’re on never take them off even to putt or even if it stops pouring.)
2- A water proof bucket hat.
3- Any rain jacket/pant combo produced in the last 20 years is fine.
4- An umbrella and the bag cover helps if you still have it.
5- Like 4 towels to circulate into play. Keep them in a galloon zip lock in the side pouch and dangle from inside of umbrella for added # toursauce

If you buy new, check out the new Adidas rain gear. It’s good. So is the Nike stuff. If you’re going big go Galvin Greene. It’s expensive stuff that you won’t find it at Dick’s or PGA Super Store.


Feels like a perfect CPG topic


Just gonna add here. Biion golf shoes - most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned and water proof - don’t even need socks!


As a U.K. golfer I spend most of my golf life either playing in rain or waiting for it to come in. Even in a sunny day in July we keep waterproofs in the bag.

So here’s the one thing you need to know - while its nice to be dry and comfortable, the only thing that actually matters is your grip on the club. If your hands are wet and the grip is wet, you’re not hitting anything well. Invest in the best rain gloves you can buy. I have FJ rain designed suede ones that work well. Buy 3/4 of them and keep them in a ziplock like Laz suggested for towels. And you need lots of towels to dry the grips before you play. If it’s really bad keep your hands in bags between shots if you can.

Then get used to prepping a shot under the umbrella. Once your hand and grip are dry spend as little time as possible out in the rain.

As for clothes it depends on how warm it is. In summer I’ll just stick to shorts as bare legs dry quicker than any material and you can move quicker. Your feet will always get wet. Just accept it. Up top it’s all about freedom of movement. Buy something big and loose, not fitted. If it’s still warm enough a gilet is better. Just let your arms get wet. And take a couple of shirts in your bag. If you have a shower, then it dries up it’s nice to be able to change out of the wet shirt.


So, that event. It rained, then it rained more, then less, then stopped completely, then it came down hard enough to shut it down after 10 holes. I learned some things.

  • Thank God I had rain gloves. Not a problem with grip, and I actually played pretty well in it. Every medium-to-long putt had a drag chute on it around the hole even if you hammered it, which took me a couple holes to understand.
  • My rain gear sucks. The one that’s supposed to be waterproof soaked right through, and even the backup, which was only water-resistant, did a better job, but still failed after steady pounding. I didn’t even bother with the pants. So I went to Edwin’s and picked up a new FJ HydroLite rain shirt. That’ll be in play henceforth, so I’ll see if I didn’t get rooked.
  • My Skechers Go Golfs were inadvertently awesome at keeping my feet dry.
  • Titleist rain hat did its job.
  • Carts had side panels. Singlehandedly kept us from being miserable in the cart.

As long as I’ve been playing, and as often as it rained, I haven’t been great at this. So I appreciate the help.


The reason I don’t bother with jackets and trousers if it’s warm enough is that the resistant clothing might stop it getting to your clothes, but the water still has to go somewhere. In most cases it runs off your jacket sleeves and straight onto your hands and from them to the golf club. That’s the last thing I want. Id rather just let my arms get wet and pad them dry with a towel when I can.

In winter you just get miserable!

Glad to hear you felt more in control of the situation though.