Mixtape Game: Scenarios! Music! Friendship!

So yeah, let’s try this game.

The basic idea is that any card I pull will have a prompt or a scenario on it. Anyone playing will then submit a song they feel best fits the card. Best song wins, or we all win by sharing cool music. Whatever. I’m completely flexible on what rules we want to take on.

Disclaimer: It is not my intention to step on the toes of our beloved Gamemaster. I have nothing but respect for Mr. Laz and my self-esteem can not handle being on the losing end of a duel. With that being said…

Card 1: The last Roller Disco night of the summer. Championship round; the rink is packed and the crowd grows restless. 3 minutes to glory. What track do you skate to?

Totally in for this.

September - Earth, Wind, & Fire. The 21st night of September is within a few days of the astronomical end of summer, fits the setting to a T. This song comes on at a packed roller rink and its fucking showtime.



A fifth of Beethoven by the Bee Gees.

Edit, it’s actually Walter Murphy but was on the SNF soundtrack.


Fly, Robin, Fly by Silver Convention.

I am WAY too short on likes for this thread to kick off right now. fuck.

I’m embracing the cheese for this one, baby. And gettin’ all the ladies on my side.


George Clinton - we got the funk

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Oh snap! Had no idea this game had gotten somewhat mainstream. I actually know the guy who created it and thought only people in KC played it. Really fun game to play with friends.


we’ve called this “jukebox” since the 90s…but never created an “actual” game

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I wasn’t alive during any kind of roller disco era (unlike some of you)…but, my choice:

Elton John - Bennie And The Jets

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Cliche, but I think I have to go “Last Dance”.

Love the choice. I would suspect it has likely been payed like 5 times already this particular evening.


My kids currently attend these Roller Disco things and without question Lizzo is what every rink is choosing for the finale.

Is this the song where they have everyone go back out for one more song in their socks after their skates are put away? Or is that a separate category?

“We are Family”, but the recording by “The Goldman Girls” that appears in Robin Williams’ iconic movie The Birdcage.

They just made it even more roller-disco by toning down the bass a little and kicking the brass WAY the fuck up. Hello gorgeous.

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Stayin Alive by the Bee Gees. This is the only right answer. The rest of you are wrong.


Unfortunately for you @GRWhitehead submitted that as the second answer.

If early 90s Friday nights at the rink pops up I’ve got some hits

My answer to this and every question will be “I want to dance with somebody” - Whitney Houston


I didn’t click his link, but his is correct. Everyone else is wrong.


Pick any song.

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