Mixing it up at your home course

I play about half of my rounds at my home course and sometimes want to spice up the round a bit. This is mostly about playing alone so I’m not looking for different games to play with a group. I’m talking like 5 club challenges or playing from the lady tees. Or just specific things to work on your game. For example tomorrow I’m going to hit driver on even the tightest par 4s and try to intentionally hit a draw with every iron shot just to see how the round goes. Any other ideas?

Don’t hit a shot with same club until you’ve used all the rest.


This isn’t for playing a full round, more just for practice, but sometimes in the evenings after work I walk out with a drink, a couple wedges, and a putter. Most evenings there is not that much play so I just pick a nine and wander from green to green, trying to get up and down from various spots around each. Especially if I played the previous weekend and had some greenside trouble, I’ll stick tees in the green where the hole would be and hit to those spots.

You can do a game with it too, each shot you pick is a par 2 or something, count the first shot on each hole or do 3 par 2s per green, stuff like that.

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I find a lot of enjoyment in putting together a course set up with a mix of all 3 or 4 tee boxes. Find the best risk reward drivable par 4. Back to the tips (I’m mid teens so don’t see tips normally) on a few. My normal tees for some.

A lot of reward in parring the 475 tipped par 4 but pretty humbling when I double the 445 par five forward option. Often it’s the same day.


I usually do stuff like this when I’m up late in the afternoon & no one else is out there but wont be able to to this summer because they’re cutting off tee times at 1:30 during all this, I played from the ladies tees (4,437 yards) back in the fall & shot (-3), the course looks way different because it makes some par 4’s driveable & hitting into tight areas on holes that you never thought of playing from back tees

I was a member at my former club for 10 years. By the end of my time there, I could you tell you what club I was going to hit off each tee and, when necessary, what club I was going to be hitting next so I feel you when you ask. Here’s what I would do for practice, to keep things interesting, and what I would do with others for games.

  • Use zero woods/hybrids and play your normal tees. Forces you to hit shots into the greens that you may have never seen before

  • Use zero wedges. You either have to find a way to hit a club less distance than you normally would, generally using the ground or you are hitting different clubs off the tees than you normally would to get you to that perfect 7/8/9 yardages into greens.

  • Use only odd/even irons for 9 holes, switch for the other 9 if playing 18 or switch it up the next time you play 9. Determine what you want to do with wedges before you go out, if that means you say PW and SW are “even” then keep others in play, for example

  • Play from the most forward tees until you either break par on a set number of holes (3/6/9/whatever) and then move back a set until you do it again. We broke the course into 3 6 hole segments and would change tees for each based on scores.


^These are really good ideas


Half set is also fun. Play from the 1 ups than your normally do!

LOVE this idea. Never thought of anything like this.


This was actually one of the most fun things that we ever did. It turned into a bed on who could complete the full set of tees (6) before the others. $50 a guy with 6 of us, all 6 hole segments under par had to be verified by another member (in the bet or not) to count. All played straight up, but could be done with handicaps based on who wanted to be involved. Took the guy who won 6 weeks playing 3 or 4 times a week to get it done.

Base your tee location off the score from the previous hole. If you bogey move up to the forward tees, par stay at the middle, birdie or better move back to the tips.


Have you ever played a persimmon driver? It is a totally different feel and obviously puts you in different spots than you normally see. Catching one on the screws is a lot of fun.

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Play 2 balls. Best ball off the tee. Worst ball through the hole.

Make yourself miss every green. Aim for spots around the green that are “preferable” and work on getting up and down. This also is similar to never look up a yardage. Always guess and choose the best place to ‘err.

Take everything above a 6iron out of the bag expect for driver. Either going big or playing very conservative. No in between.

Only take one ball. Don’t scrounge for more. That’s it. When you lose it you are done.


Short set, one day odds, evens the next.

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Ladies tees, irons only, must putt if in short grass within 10 yards of green, if there’s a forced carry that requires your longest iron you have to lay up short. Shoot best round of your life. I like to do this, then go hit a bunch of drivers on the range before I leave to stay fresh. If I force myself to do all of this, I play MUCH better during my weekend buddy rounds or competitions; and it makes me realize how unimportant driver is on most holes. I score better when I three-shot Par 5’s, I score better when I don’t force delicate chips from the fairway, I score better when I hit more irons off the tees.

Sometimes I’ll do irons-only from the back tees or driver-only (except for par-threes) from the front tees.

Worst ball scramble is awesome!