Mission Accomplished! Happy Friday Junior! The Shotgun Start Podcast


bumping this because today’s episode “Memorializing a year on the PGA Tour, Part 1” is where @BrendanPorath and @thefriedegg really hit their stride. Very good retrospective on the 2018 season. I choked on my coffee laughing on more than one occasion.

Jon “The Thumb” Rahm
Ted “The Wizard” Potter

two underrated nicknames.


Year-end podcasts for any sport I follow are what I look forward to the most each year. Very much looking forward to this.


Haven’t listened to today’s yet, but excited for the car ride home. Just had to say that “The Thumb” nickname might be one of the best I’ve ever heard. I literally haven’t been able to get the image out of my head everytime I have seen Rahm. Who came up with that nickname?


Many great forgotten memories. Could do an entire thread on it.

And learning that major medicals pay out $20k per month was mind-blowing. If that $240k could count for official money, you’d finish 188th on the money list. Smylie is making more money per month rehabbing than his entire 2018, 22 event, PGA Tour effort.


This nickname irks me because I’ve always thought of Charley Hoffman as the thumb. Maybe he can be the OG Thumb and Rahm can be Thumb Jr.


I’m still laughing about this from listening to the pod this morning.


Joel McHale on The Soup used to call Mama June from Honey Boo Boo a human thumb. This was years ago and it still makes me laugh.

Here is a photo of Mama June for those not in the know: https://media.giphy.com/media/wvsJwrLPAilcQ/giphy.gif


Still making my way through Part 1 and I’ve laughed out loud at the office multiple times. My favorite forgotten moment of 2018 in this episode is the Golf Channel workers being on strike and the shoddy coverage in Hawaii. Andy’s complete disdain for the Phoenix Open playoff running into Super Bowl coverage is also fantastic.


I really liked the two year in review episodes. A lot of stuff I either forgot about or didn’t know about


I think they are perfect. Just breeze past the highlights and bring up completely random shit like PETA getting passive aggressive with Kelly Kraft after he hit a bird. This is how Year In Review podcasts need to be done.


They changed the intro song!

Kinda relieved, I didn’t like the trumpets. Would jolt me in the car


Just for one episode (had to throw a little Christmas at y’all)

The main intro will be back soon :slight_smile:


Was it Christmas-y? I thought I was listening to the Shotgun CarTalk. Liked it.


Brad are you involved with the shotgun start?
I like the trumpets


Love me some “Youngblood Brass Band”

(I’m the sound guy)


Yessir! It’s the Craig Duncan arrangement of “Jingle Bells”


Okay…I love Shotgun Start and everything about it, except Andy’s audio. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s really low and I have to turn the volume way up in my car. Is it just me? Does Andy talk off-mic?


Yeah, doing yeoman’s work on the audio for that pod…but I agree feels like I’m always turning up the volume on Andy and dropping it on Brendan


Man I have noticed that, I’ll be listening and then Porath starts booming!


Any feedback is good feedback! Will definitely work on trying to balance out audio to make it more consistent.

The intro vs the main show isn’t to brash?