Mid Ocean Club - Bermuda


Any insight getting on here? Going to Bermuda the last week of March and this is now top priority.

Unfortunately, my contact there is gone. Kinda had a connection with the clubhouse manager who left to go to Essex County Club in MA to be the GM (Holy GCA wet dream!!).

Not sure if I buy it, but heard you can simply call up the pro shop and book it up to 90 days out. mon-friday open to non members?

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Yes, MOC is not tough to get on. Just call in advance and they’ll hook it up. Won’t be a prime tee time, and as I recall it’s something in the $275 neighborhood, but very doable.

Also, not sure where you’re staying on Bermuda, but consider that in terms of where you’re going to play. Tucker’s Town, where MOC is, is basically right by the airport. If you’re staying there or in Hamilton, then MOC is close. If you’re staying in Southampton – maybe the Fairmont down there, or one of the other new resorts in that area – you’re really far from MOC (not in terms of miles, but in terms of driving time - only a single-road lane that moves pretty slowly). When I went a few years ago, I stayed near Southampton and played Port Royal. It doesn’t have quite the same classic vibe as MOC, but it is still a really fun round on a difficult, interesting, well-kept, and beautiful golf course. It has a membership that is actually made up predominantly of locals (unlike MOC) - and their rates are really accessible. I wound up playing early with a pair of members, who were locals, and one other tourist; the members were amazing hosts and made the round extremely enjoyable. So basically, by all means check out MOC, but don’t sleep on Port Royal if you’re staying down there.


Super helpful and awesome context. Refuge wins again.

Staying at Pompano Beach Club and 100% will be taking Port Royal for a walk.


Post some pics of the course. Always been slightly fascinated by MOC. Hope it is great!


I’ll second the Port Royal recommendation. Very fun course that with some great views of the Ocean.


This is the strangest thing, but during one of my “work breaks” early this week where I just scrolled around on Google Maps looking for golf courses I came across Bermuda and found MOC. Immediately hooked on the course as soon as I saw a Biarritz and a Redan… Definitely post pictures of this trip!!


Looking for courses in the middle of the Atlantic?

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Thought I was the only one that did that!

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To my surprise, I found a gem! I was spinning the globe back to the States from Scotland and Bermuda popped up. Had to zoom in and investigate.

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What is it that snagged you? Can’t tell us you picked up on the Biarritz and Redan via fly by?

I did the same to see what would jump about and it has to be the bunkering and green complexes in addition to just being a coastal track. Some of the greens from above look like Chicago Golf Club.


The Biarritz and Redan were actually pretty easy to spot on fly by. Can clearly tell the front half of the Biarritz is no longer pinnable putting surface. The bunkering was definitely the first thing to catch my eye though (they highlight the green shapes that make the designs identifiable). After that I googled it’s history and found out it’s a C.B Macdonald design, which explains why the greens look so similar to Chicago.


Haven’t played it, but met a member (also a member at Merion!) at a wedding last year. Need to keep working on that connection with fingers crossed for an invite some time down the road!


MOC confirmed.



Went to Bermuda on my honeymoon and regret not trying to get on. I will have to return and make it happen.


Dang. Not only is a McDonald/Raynor, but Frederick Olmsted did the landscape architecture. Essentially the father of American landscape architecture - did Central Park, Chicago’s Worlds Fair and Chicago University, Stanford, among many others. This was already on my list but even more so now (yes - am an architecture and landscape architecture nerd).


Booked for 3/29. Hope I can work some rust off before then.



Looks awesome! You manage to play any others on the island?


Played at Port Royal on a perfect day with 30 mph winds. Enjoyed it immensely.

Mid Ocean was a steady mist with bits of harder rain and 40 mph most of the day. Not ideal to take advantage of the layout. Soft. No chance to play the ground.

Still loved it and had a blast.