"Micro Summit" - Denver NIT Qualifier - Sat., September 26th

And now, @Lazstradamus, I too must back out.

Just got an edit that I can’t turn down that has to get cut next weekend. Super grateful for the work but hate I’m going to miss this.

@Privatecollection, I’m hoping it’s not too late to take my name off the list…

Thanks for letting me know -I’ll see if I can get you replaced.

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Sorry to back out. Couldn’t turn this work opportunity down.

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@Privatecollection any spots available? I’ll be in town this weekend and would love to poorly represent the CO contingent


Yes!! Would love to have you.

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shall i fill out info on line 8 of the signup sheet?

Yes please

You’re welcome for playing lots of basketball with Tim Connelly between 1987-1990 in my driveway. He had a funky jumper (hoisted off his shoulder), he was and I assume still is a grinder. He lived and breathed basketball when we were kids.

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this might be my personal favorite from the other night on twitter


I might be able to make this event, if there is still room @Privatecollection ?

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I would love to have you! It’s going to be pretty low-key - so don’t get your hopes up for something fancy lol. Let me know and I’ll put you in.

Hey All,
Had to delete my name off the list- unfortunate my project in Denver got pushed two weeks- sorry for the late notice!

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@Privatecollection Hey Erin - thanks for organizing! Do you know if caddies would be available for this weekend or with school kind of being back is the season over?

I am not sure. Though due to COVID, I’d assume they are not available.

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Hadn’t thought of that; good call!

They had caddies earlier this summer but it was a forecaddy setup; they were not having them sherpa bags.

Being a weekend, it is worth calling to find out.

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I think the caddie program only runs through Labor Day, but I could be wrong.

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Confirmed unavailable

Is there one additional spot left by chance? @Privatecollection

Yep- look at spot #15 in the signup sheet. It’s all yours, if you want it!