Metacomet Closing - Dr. William Cioffi and Pals File Lawsuit Against Faxon Seeking $3800+ Each

Not a good look for Faxon and company especially after making a pledge to the city to not let this happen


This report makes it look like a done deal with the course closing early summer.


Comes across as a scummy move by Faxon and his buddies. I highly doubt the realities on the ground changed that much over the last 8-9 months. Flipping the property was likely their plan all along.


For historic courses that are about to have McMansions built on them, does anyone laser the whole property for posterity/resell? What if you could take a Ross design and make a replica somewhere else? Or make a pitch-and-putt with the green contours of an original Ross?

I am doubtful there is a substantial market for licensing/selling blueprints, but I think it would be cool to play a composite course with holes from “lost courses” designed by the greats.


Someone on here buy this course so @anon26814599 can run it.


I wouldn’t have made a pledge to the town to keep the club but oh well ¯_( ˘͡ ˘̯)_/¯


I’d hope that the course doesn’t close permanently, but it doesn’t sound promising. Sad to read about.

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How did they buy 105 waterfront acres 2 years ago for 2.2 million?

Edit: They bought it in April 2019. Seriously though, how did they get that big of a lot on the water for that price???


For the last year I’d been getting blasted with emails from the club about membership so they clearly hadn’t been doing well but thought they would simply go public, not close. Such a bummer.

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That’s the part that bothers me most. Sucks losing a Ross to development but don’t make promises to the town, only to go back on them in under a year.


Look at who it was. It’ll answer a ton of questions


Was the club broke when they sold? Or was the low sale price reflective of the intent to keep it open as a golf club?

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Broke and about to close. Brad is a local hero. They took their offer over others. Tons of articles on the sale last year

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Right I think it was originally listed for around $4 - 5 mil if I’m not mistaken. They took this offer because (I presume) the ownership group was intent on not selling it. It’s a damn shame too because it’s really an incredible golf course. Edit: This unfortunately reeks of the ownership group just trying to turn a quick buck. There’s no reason why an ownership group would buy a golf club that’s been historically losing money and try to sell it one year later while claiming it’s still losing money. Yeah no shit, you knew that when you bought it.

I can’t speak to their club financials but unfortunately it looks like their neighbor up the street Agawam Hunt isn’t far behind.


I’m hearing that there maybe a 9hole course being built on the property


Apparently they want to make something like sweetens on the property but have the course look more like Brookline. I’ve also heard the group approached Tom Brady in hopes of getting the same kind of investor sweetens got.


Not surprising. Brad is a part of the new sweetens regime


I did see at the end of one of the newspaper articles announcing the sale to Faxon and company that they retrained rights to do “some” development on the property.

While my personal preference would be to restore it, I can get behind a re-envisioning of the golf course property, at least compared to just bulldozing it and building condos.