Memorial Park Houston - Renovation Project

Really excited to see that Tom Doak will be renovating Memorial Park in Houston for the Houston Open. Great move to get it back inside city limits and on a course everyone can play.


They have a pretty short timeline to finish the project in October 2019. I am interested to see what changes they will make to the course with the two really short par 5’s.

city council delayed their vote because this bureaucrat wants more money for other municipal courses

Really unfortunate news. Lots of money being spent on old Wortham course by HGA and Herman Park isn’t much to write about. Hope they find a way to make this project happen.

Really excited to see what Doak does with the re-design as I grew up playing this course. A bit disconcerting that Koepka’s only comments to the chroncile so far were that more trees were needed off of some of the tee shots, but I’ll trust in Doak.

I am curious on how they are going to make the tournament work at Memorial logistically. I don’t think they will have much trouble getting the course prepared for a PGA event, but parking/getting people to the site is a large issue that is going to need to be addressed.

They could use the NorthWest Mall or HISD football stadium parking lot. I’m sure if there isnt a Texans game, the NRG stadium lot could be used.

Yep, I think they would certainly have to, and the Dyer stadium lot. Think it would be a nightmare on that one lane each way road getting shuttles in and out though.

Last tee time is today. Work begins January 10th!


This is a big win for the tournament.

It’s a big win for golfers in Houston. I’m not so sure it’s a big win for the tournament itself. Crane kept the tournament from dying so obviously that’s a positive development, but moving a tournament in Texas to the middle of football season doesn’t sound like the smartest move in the world. The “reacharound” season events are just looked at as second-tier events, no matter what the tour tries to say. If this event gets put the week before or the week after the Asian swing in the fall, who is playing this event apart from a glorified field?

I still can’t believe that the terrible course in San Antonio is going to have the event the week before the Masters for 10 years because of Valero’s sponsorship and the Houston Open couldn’t land a sponsor.

I believe after we lost a sponsor, the PGA gave our Spring spot to Minnesota. This was basically our only shot at keeping a tournament was to try to get this October sport and hopefully move back into the Spring rotation in the coming years. I’m hoping the course renovation is a huge success and we are able to get back in the prime rotation. It was my understanding that the HGA had multiple sponsor inquires but they were not at the full price of 12-15 mil they desired. Seems like something is better than nothing IMO. I really appreciate the effort Crane has put into this and am looking forward to having a tournament that also will be in one of the best parks in the nation.

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Couldn’t find a more relative topic so I’ll ask this here. Looking for courses in Southeast Houston (Pasadena, Pearland, Deer Park, etc.) that have good twilight 9 hole rates and/or practice areas. I’m about to start traveling to Houston a ton with my new job and looking for courses where I can get a relaxing 9 holes in in the evening.


gus wortham was just re-done and is in fantastic shape. i’d start there. Golf now has a lot of courses on that side of town as well, but conditioning is very hit or miss. mainly miss

Hearing a lot of good things about Gus Wortham. WORTH a look.

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Wildcat has the best Practice facilities in the area. Clear Creek isn’t too bad either and a pretty relaxed vibe. Southwyck has a good layout but can be hit or miss condition wise. Countryplace/Pearland Golf Club I am not a fan of because of the Houses hugging every fairway. It was built for senior citizens who play dad golf. Pasadena Muni is about as good as it sounds. Timber Creek is real good if you care to travel as far as Friendswood. Battle Ground in Deer Park is a tough track but not sure if they got their greens back after they lost them. Bay Forest isnt a bad spot either.

The Twitter feed for the Houston Open is going to show off one hole per week until the tournament arrives in October. They shot these videos when the construction was in progress, but it’s still cool to see what the holes will eventually look like. The first 2 holes that have been posted are #12 and #13. Love 2 par 4’s that will both play as half-par holes.


we’re getting closer folks! Welcome back tournament scheduled for Tuesday 11/5


Here is the routing.

I know this is a “C” course for Doak, in the same vein as Commonground and Rawls, but everything I’ve seen so far has been pretty underwhelming. Obviously I can’t truly know until I play there but Doak is trying to do this “less is more” thing by only having a very small amount of bunkers but I’m not sure it works on a less than stellar piece of land. In the Twitter videos shown, the fairways are also pretty narrow by today’s standards. I guess we’ll see but I’m not racing to bid a flight to Houston at the moment.

Considering it needs to serve both as a PGA tour stop and 60k rounds year, it probably was never going to be a Doak course as you would expect to see.

Fairways are narrow per Doak because if he had made them wider, he expected the PGA Tour to narrow them for the tournament. So instead, he made them at the widths that the Tour will play at, but they’re going to keep the rough quite low for 11 months out of the year when the public is playing the course. They will start growing them higher 1 month out from the tournament, then cut it back down after the tournament is over.

Re: lack of bunkers, you know that was partly because of Koepka’s input on the course, right? The bunker shots are easier for the pros than shots from the rough, yet it’s the reverse for everyday players, so it made sense for a course that is primarily set up for public play.

I play this course about 2-3 times per year when I visit my in-laws. I can’t wait to get down there this winter and check it out.